The transformation of Marilyn Monroe Ana De Armas into a blonde took a lot of time and effort


It wasn’t easy to turn into Marilyn Monroe.

Taking on the role of Marilyn Monroe is not an easy task. As one of the most recognizable stars of Old Hollywood, I think figuring out how to turn Ana de Armas into Monroe was not an easy task. In a recent interview, the heads of the Blonde hair and makeup departments talked about the process of de Armas’ daily transformation into Monroe, and it took a lot of time and effort.

Two artists recently told Variety about the process of turning de Armas into Marilyn Monroe. They explained that they spent two and a half hours every day on de Armas’ hair and makeup. Tina Roseler Kerwin, head of the makeup department, explained that their mission was as follows:

…to find our Marilyn in Ana and not put Marilyn’s hair and makeup on Ana, but to define our Marilyn and define her as best as we could.

The story explains that de Armas had to wear a silicone cap instead of the usual bald cap to hide her thick brown hair and last the whole working day. The reason for using a different cap was the number of times they had to change de Armas wigs every day. Corwin explained that they needed something that could withstand the gluing and pasting of so many wigs.

Blue contacts also played a big role in the transformation. As you can see in the photo above, de Armas has brown eyes, but in “Blonde” she wears blue contact lenses. Kevin explained that they also used false eyelashes at the corners of her eyes to make the shape of her eyes more like the shape of Monroe’s eyes.

By the end of it all, Mackintosh and Kerwin had made over 100 images for de Armas, and you can see 50 to 60 of them in the final version of the film.

De Armas explained that when she first saw herself in the image of Monroe, she was very emotional. Those close to the “Get Knives” actress were also amazed by her transformation, including Chris Evans, her friend and partner in the films “Get Knives” and “Gray Man”. While her transformation is stunning, de Armas also explained that she felt “insecure” preparing to play such an icon.

The pressure must have been real for the entire cast and crew of “Blonde” during the making of this film. They had to recreate several incredibly iconic scenes from Monroe’s films, including the number “Diamonds are Girls’ Best Friends” from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” Creating scenes that are rooted in the spirit of the times is not an easy task. As explained by the masters of hairstyles and makeup, they created their images in order to find the icon of Old Hollywood in the person of de Armas, and the process of finding and maintaining her image required a lot of work.

Despite the fact that the film received average reviews, I think it’s quite obvious that the transformation of de Armas into Monroe is simply incredible. To see de Armas’ transformation and performance, you can watch “Blonde” with a Netflix subscription.


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