The trailer of the film “The Edge of the Unknown” with Jimmy Chin has been published [EXCLUSIVE]


Screen Rant is pleased to present an exclusive trailer for the upcoming National Geographic series “The Edge of the Unknown” with Jimmy Chin. The series “The Edge of the Unknown” with Jimmy Chin, which will be released on the National Geographic channel on September 5, sends viewers on an adventure connected with the difficulties of climbing Chin himself, as well as with other athletes engaged in rafting, surfing, Arctic exploration and other territories. After the release on the National Geographic channel, “The Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin” will also be available on Disney+ on September 7.

“The Edge of the Unknown” with Jimmy Chin will consist of 10 episodes, which will feature such adventurers as Alex Honnold, Angel Collison, Gerd Serrasolses, Justin DuPont and Sarah McNair Landry, as well as a number of others. Throughout the show, viewers will be able to see all their amazing journeys in their individual fields of research and outdoor sports.

In the exclusive trailer of the series shown by Screen Rant, viewers can see the heroes of the series captured doing what they do best: mountaineering, snowboarding, rafting and other daring actions. Fragments of interviews from the series also show that the adventurous endeavors of athletes and researchers interviewed for the series largely prepare for everything they do, and problems still arise even for experts like them.

Jimmy Chin is one of the most legendary climbers in the world, having conquered such terrifying peaks as Beatrice Tower, Kaga Pomori and Everest, as well as many others. Chin transferred his adventures to photography and documentary films, and Chin and his wife Elizabeth Chai Vasarkheli made documentaries “Meru” and “Salvation”. Their 2018 documentary Free Solo about Alex Honnold’s solo ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park also won the Oscar for Best Documentary at the 2019 Academy Awards.

In addition to showing the awe-inspiring skills of the subjects interviewed for the series, “The Edge of the Unknown” with Jimmy Chin also gives a more personal look at their lives and their problems related to what they do. Viewers will see preparations for activities such as mountaineering and rafting, and hear the stories of the interviewees about how their experiences have changed their lives in different ways. Thanks to these elements and breathtaking photographs of objects in their respective areas, “The Edge of the Unknown with Jimmy Chin” is a series that is sure to be a real adventure for viewers.


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