The trailer for the movie “The Spirit of Halloween”: three children take on an obsessive store


The trailer for Spirit Halloween: The Movie hints at the upcoming family horror movie starring Christopher Lloyd and Rachel Lee Cook. Every year, Spirit Halloween stores appear in abandoned retail outlets across the country. Now the popular seasonal store has its own Halloween movie.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie comes from Orion Pictures, a rebooted film studio whose last release was Wish Upon 2017. Directed by David Poag from a screenplay by Billy Bates. The film tells about a group of Halloween-loving schoolchildren who lock themselves in the Spirit Halloween store after hours and begin to encounter real ghosts and spirits. The legend of “Back to the Future” Lloyd plays one of the ghostly entities of the film along with Cook from “She’s Such a Glory.” The film also stars television icon Marla Gibbs, as well as Donovan Colvan, Marissa Reyes, Jayden J. Smith, Dylan Martin Frankel and Brad Carter.

It is not surprising that Spirit Halloween: The Movie is positioned as a family horror movie, given its connection with a fairly useful chain of seasonal stores. However, in the new trailer of the film from Strike Back Studios, you can find a lot of creepy thrills.

In keeping with the theme of the Halloween movie, the trailer immediately begins with a reference to the classic vampire title, the 1985 cult classic “Fright Night.” The clip then gives a glimpse of Lloyd, the film’s most famous star, whose character’s supernatural origins are briefly teased. The film’s debt to “Very Strange Things” and “It” is then indicated as the three main characters ride bicycles to the local Spirit Halloween store. However, the children’s plan to lock themselves in the store overnight quickly turns out to be a bad idea, as they and the girl, who is also stuck in the building, begin to encounter possessed toys, which then require karate kicks. All this opens the door to a mystery that children must solve if they want to get out of the store alive.

The clip, of course, makes it clear that this is not a hardcore excursion in the horror genre, but rather a family supernatural tale in the style of “Goosebumps”. No doubt, when October comes, there will be many more complex and bloody horror films to choose from. But it’s also nice to have a lighter meal to choose from for those who want to have a little fun on Halloween without taking out a whole boat of blood and entrails. Spirit Halloween: The Movie is released on demand on October 11, 2022.


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