The trailer for The Last of Us Part 1 Shows Winter Scenes and Extreme Violence


When The Last of Us was first released in 2013, it became a hit, received critical acclaim, sold millions of copies and spawned a franchise that included DLC, a remaster for PS4, a sequel and soon an HBO television adaptation. And in the very near future, fans will be able to play an updated version of the original game “One of Us”, as the remake of The Last of Us will soon be released on PlayStation 5. Please note that in this article there will be several SPOILERS for The Last of Us. Us.

The remake of The Last of Us, officially known as The Last of Us Part 1, will be released on September 2 for PlayStation 5, and the PC version will appear later. The release date of the long-awaited remake is just around the corner, and PlayStation has released a trailer for the game showing some of the winter scenes that take place later in the adventure, as well as some of its more violent moments.

The latest trailer for “One of Us, Part 1” begins with a demonstration of various winter scenes, including the part of the game where players control Ellie. While Joel is the main playable character throughout most of the game, Ellie takes the lead role in the winter segment when Joel falls ill. Later, Ellie will become the central game character in The Last of Us Part 2, although she is older in this game and has much more combat experience than in this one.

In the rest of the trailer, Joel and Ellie fight various enemies they encounter throughout the game, including human enemies as well as zombie-like monsters known as clickers. The trailer highlights the extreme violence on display in “The Last of Us, Part 1,” as both Joel and Ellie are shown brutally murdering both humans and infected to protect themselves.

While the story will be the same as fans remember from the original game, The Last of Us Part 1 has PS5-specific improvements that could make a return to the post-apocalyptic USA worthwhile. Players can look forward to The Last of Us: Part 1, which includes the unique features of the PS5 DualSense controller, such as tactile feedback and adaptive triggers, as well as significantly improved graphics. There are those who said that these improvements still do not justify the price of The Last of Us Part 1 at $ 70, but fans will have to wait for the release of the game to know for sure whether the updates are worth the investment.

The Last of Us Part 1 is released on September 2 on PS5, a PC version is also in development.


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