The trailer for the documentary “Disturbing Armie Hammer” details alleged sexual abuse and cannibalism


“My name is Casey Hammer, and I’m going to uncover the dark, tangled secrets of the Hammer family.” So ends the trailer for “Hammer’s House,” a chilling documentary that comes out on Discovery+ and seems ready to lift the veil over decades of abuse and psychological warfare waged by members of the Hammer family, including the star of the “Social Network” Armie Hammer. himself. Hammer’s victims, as well as Armie’s estranged aunt, have given interviews that should capture numerous stories of abuse over the decades. And now you can get an idea of what’s coming next by watching this long and disturbing trailer.

Allegations of disturbing text messages sent by Armie Hammer began to spread in 2021, when Vanity Fair reported that a colleague in the film “Death on the Nile” sent sexual messages to his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers, which could have been intended for someone else. The rumors only intensified when the woman shared screenshots that the actor reportedly sent her, which spoke of his interest in cannibalism, a fact that is confirmed in the trailer for “Hammer’s House.”

That’s not all…


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