The trailer for the 8th season of “Southern Charm”: Craig Conover admits to having an affair with Naomi Olindo, fights with Austin Kroll and much more


Bap-a-do! Romance and drama abound in season 8 of Southern Charm, and not everyone will remain unscathed.

The Charleston crew, which includes original actors Shep Rose, Craig Conover and Catherine Dennis, are back in business for the first look at the new season, and their entire personal lives are in trouble.

“I think it’s inappropriate to spend one-on—one time with an ex while you’re dating someone,” Craig’s current girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, says in the Season 8 trailer, which was released on Monday, May 16. The 29-year-old is apparently hinting at an alleged relationship between 33-year-old Craig and his ex-girlfriend Naomi Olindo.

DeSorbo previously teased a briefly revived romance between her boyfriend (they officially became known in the fall of 2021) and 29-year-old Naomi, who joined the cast of “Southern Charm” earlier this year after leaving it ahead of season 7.

Earlier this month, DeSorbo told Andy Cohen: “I feel like if you’re going to sleep with your ex-girlfriend, you should do it in Vegas,” apparently confirming the alleged sex. “So when I heard these rumors, I wasn’t that angry. Just because I was in New York and did whatever I wanted.”

Craig’s love triangle with Paige and Naomi isn’t the only relationship drama plaguing the team this season: 42—year-old Shep and Taylor Ann Green have their own problems.

The couple, who have been dating since March 2020, get into several arguments in the teaser, one of which is only intensified by the participation of Austin Kroll.

Austin, for his part, has a new flame in the face of newcomer Olivia Flowers when his ex-girlfriend Madison Lecroy flaunts her engagement ring in front of the group. (Her fiance Brett Randle asked the question in October 2021.)

While 31-year-old Madison starts planning her wedding, 30-year-old Catherine seems to be heading for a breakup, quarreling with her man, Bread Ravenell, in the clip.

However, quarrels occur not only between lovers in the team. 34-year-old Austin and Craig get closer after one of the nights in the city. The duo’s fight is one of Austin’s two quarrels in the season 8 teaser.

Towards the end of the trailer, the founder of Kings Calling Brewing arranges an all-out fight with Shep. “Austen, you’re a fucking joke. I can’t believe I’m sharing oxygen with you,” Shep Austin shouts, confronting him in the kitchen.

The premiere of the 8th season of “Southern Charm” will take place on the Bravo channel on Wednesday, June 23, at 21:00. ET.

Scroll down everything we learned from the explosive trailer:

Craig and Paige are warming up

The founder of Sewing Down South seems to have been struck by his colleague in the movie “Winter House” in the first few seconds of the new teaser. After talking to Paige on FaceTime, Craig says: “Goodbye, sweetheart” and hangs up. He quickly reveals that next time he’s going to say, “I love you, bye,” as the relationship continues to grow.

Taylor and Shep break down

“I want to go somewhere with you… to see the world,” Shep tells Taylor in the preview before things go awry in their relationship. The Palace Hotel co-owner later revealed that his girlfriend is “jealous,” while Austin expresses concern to Taylor about how Shep sometimes treats her.

Eventually, Taylor admits to “starting to doubt everything” before breaking up with Lefty Bonaparte during a group outing.

Austin moves on

In the past, it was difficult for the brewer to forget his ex Madison, but now he is ready to go back there — with Olivia. During the clip, the duo kissed several times.

Naomi is back and creating problems

“I think you feel uncomfortable around me,” Naomi tells ex—boyfriend Craig as they sit side by side at the dinner table. The co-host of the podcast “Pillows and Beer” tells why Naomi is uncomfortable, saying: “We are not just exes, we recently slept together.”

Austin and Craig go face to face

In March, Craig exclusively told us that he hadn’t spoken to Austin in months after Austin turned Ciara Miller and Lindsay Hubbard against each other in the Hamptons. The storyline played out in season 6 of “Summer House,” but now it seems that the tension between the buddies has followed them back to Charleston.

“Craig, chill the hell out,” Austin says in the clip, pushing him towards the car. A Delaware native manages to catch his best friend in a chokehold and shouts at him, “Say, ‘I’m sorry!'”

Catherine and Bread on thin ice

“You can go to all your friends and ask, ‘Hey, is Katherine a problem?’ [and they’ll answer], ‘Yes, you’re a problem,'” Bread tells Katherine during an argument.

Is Madison jealous?

Despite the engagement, the hairdresser can’t resist interfering with Austin’s new love. So much so that Madison gets into an argument with Olivia over an elegant dinner, which leads to Olivia rushing away and throwing her a bird.

Someone is getting married

Throughout the trailer, viewers hear the “Wedding March”, see the dressed actors and catch a glimpse of a tiered wedding cake. However, the bride and groom are not disclosed.