The trailer for Company of Heroes 3 describes in detail the features of the game


Back in 2006, the first Company of Heroes game was released, which amazed strategy lovers. It is reported that the game sold well by the publisher and eventually received several “Game of the Year” awards in the RTS genre. Seven years later, Relic Entertainment released a sequel to Company of Heroes 2, which, unfortunately, was met with more ambiguity from gamers and critics. Now the third Company of Heroes game is due to be released later this year, and publisher Sega will make sure that players know what they are getting into.

Company of Heroes 3 was originally announced in the summer of 2021, and the first trailer shows off its new features. Publisher Sega spoke about the new campaign of the game and what new features will be available to the player. While the previous games took place mainly in one area of the Second World War, the action of Company of Heroes 3 will take place in North Africa and Italy. Now a new trailer has been released that highlights all the features of the game in a beautiful and concise two-minute video on YouTube.

This new Company of Heroes 3 trailer talks about different game modes and factions, and the slogan encourages players to play the way they want. The United States forces are characterized as aggressive and adaptable, while the German Wehrmacht faction is listed as defensive and intimidating. It is said that the British forces are well-equipped and stable, while the German Afrika Korps is mechanized and mobile. The campaign in North Africa is considered a classic single-player game, similar to previous games, while the Italian campaign will be somewhat more like a Total War-style campaign. It also highlights new mission types, multiplayer, destruction, and game mechanics.

The first Company of Heroes game is often referred to as one of the best games about the Second World War. At that time, the mechanics were innovative and unlike anything gamers had ever seen. Unfortunately, the decade of 2010 was not the best for RTS games, and the priorities of many publishers shifted in the other direction. However, now publishers seem ready to try this genre again.

Earlier this year, THQ Nordic introduced a new game known as Tempest Rising, as well as new looks at several previously announced RTS games. In 2021, Age of Empires IV was also released after the franchise was inactive for 14 years. Now the Company of Heroes series seems ready to be revived and again impress gamers with its setting and mechanics of the Second World War. Whether the reception will be better or worse than in the previous parts is still unknown.

The release of Company of Heroes 3 on PC is scheduled for November 17, 2022.


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