The tragic ending of “Very Strange Cases 4” avoids the strangest mistake of the season 3 finale


Warning! SPOILERS for season 4 of the TV series “Very Strange Things”, volume 1.

The final epilogue of season 3 of “Very Strange Things” made a mistake in its tone after the events at the Starcourt Mall, which the tantalizing tragic finale of season 4 deftly avoids. The endings of seasons 1-3 of “Very Strange Cases” follow a similar formula in terms of the characters’ climactic battles with the Wrong Side and a brief epilogue that depicts them moving forward with a more optimistic recovery. However, as the consequences of character conflicts become more and more terrible, the 4th season of “Very Strange Cases” cannot afford another happy ending after such tragic losses and events.

After Eleven (apparently) sacrificed herself in the first season of Very Strange Cases, Hawkins’ teens celebrated Christmas and the kids played D&D again. After the attacks of the mind flensers in the second season, the characters attended a Snow Ball, where optimistic novels blossomed. After that, Billy sacrificed himself to the Mind Catcher, and Hopper (apparently) sacrificed himself to destroy the Key, and the characters collected things at the Byers Hawkins house, joked and said goodbye with tears in their eyes. In the second and third seasons of “Very Strange Cases”, the characters behave as usual after the events of previous conflicts “Upside Down”, but in the fourth season this formula changes, and there is much more grief and trauma among the figures.

The more optimistic epilogues of the season finales of “Very Strange Things” gave the characters a sense of completion and rebuilding, but some aspects of these scenes did not make tonal sense. This was especially true for the season 3 finale of “Very Strange Things,” in which Max and Lucas mockingly sang “Endless Story” when Dustin tossed them a bird, suggesting that the teenagers had returned to normal after the tragedies at the Starcourt Mall. However, there won’t be another happy ending in season 4 of Very Strange Cases, which follows the more serious and tragic tone the series takes, as the stakes in the Upside-down battles get significantly higher.

The Duffers confirmed that season 4 of “Very Strange Things” will not have a happy ending

Matt and Ross Duffer, co-authors of “Very Strange Cases”, confirmed that the 4th volume of the 2nd season will not have a happy ending. Several teasers of the season 4 finale of “Very Strange Things” from the Duffer brothers suggest that one or two main characters will die, and fans widely theorize that Steve Harrington will not survive the finale. There are two more episodes in the 4th volume of the 2nd season of “Very Strange Cases”, but the finale should last about two hours and 20 minutes. While the characters of “Very Strange Cases” are fighting with the Age, the Wrong Side, hooligans, Russian guards and the American military, an imminent tragedy surrounds the figures of Hawkins from all sides. At the end of the 3rd season of “Very Strange Things”, the only main character died – Billy Hargrove, the hostile half—brother of Max Mayfield, but it was hinted that the 4th season would prove that the beloved main characters are not invincible either.

Realizing that the finales of “Very Strange Things” usually end on a bittersweet or pleasant note, the Duffer brothers warned viewers not to expect this when season 4 ends. The creators reported that the ending of the second volume of the 4th season of “Very strange Cases” will not be “tied with a beautiful bow”, and the events of the finale will be so climactic that there will be no possibility of a “reboot” after completion. . Most likely, the 5th season of “Very Strange Things” will continue on the same gloomy note as the 4th season, where the characters will continue the story in their darkest place. The ending of the 3rd season of “Very Strange Things” may have had to end in a similar way, since the beginning of the 4th season partially contradicts the happy ending of the “reboot” of the previous part.

Why Max and Lucas’ Final Scene in Stranger Things S3 Was a Mistake

The finale of the third season of “Very Strange Cases” moved from the brutal and emotional victim of Billy Hargrove and the apparent death of Jim Hopper to the epilogue, which takes place three months later. After the newsreel explaining how Hawkins hid the tragedies at the Starcourt Mall and the death of the Mind Catchers, “Very Strange Things” moved to the Byers house, with a jump in tone that was quite sharp. While Max has just been screaming because her stepbrother sacrificed his life to save her, in the next scene she is having fun singing a stupid song with Lucas. This scene partially undermined the impact of Billy’s death on Max and made the grief less gloomy in the world of “Very Strange Things”. Although it was only three months later, season 4 of “Very Strange Things” shows that Max’s life changed dramatically after Billy’s death, so this scene with Max and Lucas did not correspond to the tonal transition to the spring of 1986.