The title “Batman vs Superman” is a “Mistake” In fact, it was a brilliant move by Snyder


The long-held opinion that there is a mistake in the title of the film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is actually false: the letter “v” is a subtle reference to the plot and deeper theme of the film and actually rethinks its ending. In the second entry to the DCEU, Ben Affleck’s Batman was introduced, and he faced the most powerful hero in the world, Superman. The conflict between the two heroes was central to the Batman vs. Superman story, and it ended with them putting aside their differences to face a much bigger threat.

Despite the fact that there are a number of things that have done Batman vs Superman is controversial, it is widely believed that its title contains inaccuracy. That is, the letter “v” in “Batman vs. Superman” should actually be read as “against” because it apparently refers to a physical confrontation between the two of them, and the letter “v” is mainly used for legal battles between the two sides. If taken at face value, the wording of the title “Batman vs. Superman” is clearly a mistake, because although Superman appears briefly before Congress in the film, the two heroes are not involved in any notable litigation against each other.

Nevertheless, the subtitle of the film “At the Dawn of Justice”, as well as the subtext of its story subtly confirm the opinion that the title is not a mistake after all. In BvS, Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman are at odds with each other over their respective definitions of justice, and while it does lead to a falling out between them, it still represents a kind of legal battle. Although this is not done through proper legal channels, the idea that the central conflict is the conflict between morality and legality makes the title “Batman vs. Superman” accurate on a figurative level because it touches on the subtext of the film.

How the ingenious title “Batman vs Superman” changes the movie

It’s a subtle distinction, but the idea that the title could have been chosen specifically to emphasize this point suggests that “Batman v Superman” is underrated. The film actually explores the continuation of the themes of “Man of Steel” and the consequences of his story, and in many ways, “Batman v Superman” saved the DCEU by answering the very question that its title asks. The conflict between Batman and Superman is important not to establish who is stronger or smarter, but for someone whose idea of justice will prevail.

Interestingly, this very idea rethinks the outcome of the main confrontation of the film. Although Batman wins the battle of the pair thanks to the clever use of the kryptonite spear and powerful technology to even the odds, the Superman mentality actually prevails. His victim changes Batman’s opinion about meta-humans and informs about his choice in the future, which means that Superman came out on top in terms of moral victory.

While this idea stems from a slight difference in the film’s title, it has far-reaching implications that make it a smart creative choice. This not only explains why Ben Affleck’s Batman changes in BvS and begins to show a slightly less cynical and cruel approach to his heroism, but also establishes a greater depth of narrative in the DCEU, which is easy to overlook. This is exactly the subtle detail that elevates the franchise, and although it’s easy to miss, it actually significantly reinterprets Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, making the film much more intelligent and worked out to the smallest detail than it is believed.