The Time Jump In Manifest Season 4 Means He May Miss S3’s Worst Final Twist


A huge time jump in season 4 of Manifest means the show could miss the horrific teasing love triangle of the season 3 finale. A recent interview with actor Ben Josh Dallas confirmed that “Manifesto” will begin two years after the end of the previous season. While such a huge time jump has been met with some degree of surprise, it makes sense given that it will help the show end just in time for the Death Date.

As Manifest jumps two years ahead, the passengers of Flight 828 will find themselves uncomfortably close to the dreaded day when they are all expected to meet their demise. The decision to speed up the development of events can be explained by the fact that “Manifesto” ends two seasons earlier than showrunner Jeff Rake originally planned. Upon the return of the show, Manifesto will need to solve a lot of issues left after the season 3 finale, which promised many changes in the life of the main character. Obviously, the biggest twists were that Cal turned into an 18-year-old, and Angelina seemingly killed Grace. These moments will definitely lay the foundation for where the main characters will be when the Manifesto returns.

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One of the problems with the two-year time lapse in “Manifesto” is that it may inadvertently cause the show to hide some of the biggest stories that happened after the Season 3 finale. In the case of at least one of these turns, it may not be so bad. Towards the end of the episode, Manifest teased the return of his Mikaela-Zeke-Jared love triangle. The episode implied that Zeke’s empathic abilities allowed him to capture Michaela’s hidden feelings for Jared. When Zeke told her “we need to talk,” there was a feeling that the couple was going to break up. That this happened because of Jared seemed like the wrong move for the show, especially since the series correctly resolved this story in the second season. However, The Manifesto, a two-year leap forward, will allow the show to skip the family problems of Zeke and Michaela.

The manifesto has already put an end to the problem of Michaela’s love triangle, forcing her to finally forget Jared and devote herself to her romantic relationship with Zeke. She apparently left, but in the third season it was hinted that perhaps the series never ended with this storyline. It seemed that Manifest was preparing to dive deep into this problem in season 4, but if there is a two-year time jump, then the series can easily be avoided altogether. This can be done by explaining that Michaela and Zeke have gone through a difficult period — or perhaps even a temporary separation— but their relationship has survived.

Refusing to tease Michaela in season 3 is much better than returning and repeating Michaela’s internal conflict from season 1 related to her ongoing feelings for Jared. As the story takes its course, “Manifesto” must find other ways to challenge Michaela and Zeke as the show enters its fourth and final chapter. The love triangle of the Manifesto must remain in the past.