The TikTok case: Microsoft and Walmart join forces


While pressure on the US government from TikTok remains growing, Microsoft – one of those interested in buying the social network – has now joined Walmart to try to make the deal viable.

According to CNBC, the partnership would have been confirmed by a spokesman for the retail chain. Axios reinforces that the arrival of Walmart could help transform the video platform into another e-commerce application for users and creators – something similar to what ByteDance, the current owner, already does with another app in China.

The news comes shortly after ByteDance’s TikTok CEO and COO, Kevin Mayer, resigned from both positions after only a few months in charge of operations.

On the other hand, the merger of Microsoft with the retail giant serves as a way to put pressure on the Oracle database – which has also shown interest in the acquisition and will now have to move to get ahead in this race.

However, despite having resources and experience in e-commerce, Walmart’s entry into the business could also complicate TikTok’s regulatory approval a little more. This is because the chain of stores has a significant participation in China.

The expectation is that ByteDance will take a hit on the future of TikTok next week.

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