The Tik Tok star was banned from the Disney world for life. Now he is hatching a viral plan to return to the parks.


Social networks are a fickle hostess. It can make you a star, but it can also attract unwanted attention. One of the former Walt Disney World actors learned about this the hard way a year ago. A series of TikTok videos went viral and made him a star, but they also led to him losing his job before he was banned from Disney World altogether. Now Jason Jeter has started trying to return to the most magical place on earth.

A more recent TikTok video shows that Jason Jeter has begun the process of appealing his lifetime ban from participating in Walt Disney World. The video shows how he actually writes a handwritten letter asking Disney World to cancel the infringement order that prevents him from visiting Walt Disney World.

The story began a little over a year ago when Jason Jeter started posting videos on TikTok about how he drinks water in Walt Disney World. The trick was that he didn’t look to see if the water in one restaurant in downtown Disney was different from another. He drank from public fountains and other unconventional water sources throughout the resort.

Jeter also shot the video in one of Disney World’s wedding pavilions, which was not in use at the time, although the door was apparently left unlocked. The fact that Jeter entered the restricted area probably specifically led to Jeter losing his job at Disney World. The fact that he continued to rank the water sources at the Disney World resort led to him being constantly violated.

People invade Disney parks for various reasons. Most people who are banned from visiting Disney World get into physical quarrels on the premises or become drunk and aggressive. One recent example is a man who was attacked for refusing to comply with the rules of wearing masks at a Disney Hollywood studio. Although people did some pretty wild things, for example, they climbed some rides to get banned.

Anyone who has been banned has the opportunity to ask Disney World to reconsider this decision, and many people who received lifetime bans eventually lifted them, apparently after the park decides that this person has learned his lesson, and there is hope that this will happen. it won’t happen again.

On the one hand, the offense here is certainly insignificant compared to some, so perhaps the ruling on infringement of property rights can be lifted. At the same time, he was banned for only a year, and Disney World may decide to keep the ban in force for some time, just to make sure that the punishment will resonate.