The thirteenth fragment of Final Fantasy 14 has a unique connection with the original source.


The latest Final Fantasy 14 patch sent players to the Thirteenth Shard, the house of Voidsent, also known as the World of Darkness. It seems that the Thirteenth may be a permanent setting in Final Fantasy 14 for a while, as players have connected to the Thirteenth local named Zero, and also made several enemies from the Void. Despite the fact that the Thirteenth visited the world for the first time, it has a long history in Final Fantasy 14.

The thirteenth, like all the other fragments, is part of the original world of Eteiris, which was created when Venat became Haidaelin and Split the world and people into the Source and thirteen fragments. The thirteenth was visited by Ascians who wanted to make a Reunion to help awaken the Zodiac. They did this with the element of darkness, and while the world fell at the mercy of Emptiness and darkness, the Askians did not actually achieve their goal.

FF14: What happened to the thirteenth

The way the Askians reunited the parts of the Zodiac was basically to destroy the shards with the aspected ether, and then create a Calamity on the Source that also uses this kind of aspected ether. They succeeded in this with the help of various shards, such as the Second One, which created the third Disaster at the Source (which was made with fire ether and turned Tanalan into a desert). Another example is the Third Shard, which used the Earth’s ether and thus the Disaster at the Source, which was the earthquake that destroyed the Allagan Empire.

This was the plan for the dark aspect ether on the thirteenth. However, this attempt occurred before the Askians learned that they had to cause Disasters at the Source for a true Reunion to take place. Therefore, when they flooded the Thirteenth with darkness, but did not cause Disaster at the Source, the Thirteenth was simply lost, not safe and not reunited. For the Askians, it has become a useless Void.

The failure of the Thirteenth fell on the shoulders of a particular Ascian. Her name was Igeyorm, a separated Ascian whose project was to reunite with the Thirteenth. She tried to repent of the loss of the shard by helping Lahabrea in his work to create Disasters at the Source, but was defeated by the Warrior of Light at the Center for Etherochemical Research. The stream of darkness that remained on the Thirteenth was actually very similar to the stream of light on the First, but instead of turning everyone into sin eaters, it turned everyone into Voids. Very few survived the flood. Notable survivors include Silva and Unukalhai, who were rescued by the Askians so they could be manipulated by other fragments. Only recently, the players met Zero, who survived the Thirteenth, being part of the Void.

The thirteenth relation to the source

It is known that the Thirteenth is physically closer to the Source than the other fragments, so the Void has a unique relationship with the Source. Cracks and gaps in the veil could allow the Void Messengers to visit the Source, and they were looking for such an opening to absorb the ether. The Source found ways to benefit from this: magicians could summon Messengers of the Void, creating rifts and sacrificing ether. The Allagan Empire and the kingdom of Mhach are fallen civilizations that have caused such calls.

Some classes have strong relationships with Voidsent. One such class is the Reapers, who have Void avatars who fight on their side. Only recently, in the latest patch of Final Fantasy 14, it was shown that some Void Messengers can be used and distorted by the people of the Source without proper consent. It happened between Zero and Gaius.

Final Fantasy 14 is already available for PC, PS4 and PS5.


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