The third part will lead to an interesting political arena


With the stories reflecting the current political climate that dominated last season, it’s a safe bet that season 3 of The Boys will focus even more on partisanship and divisions within the United States.

The way The Boys season 2 ended with these two characters is a pretty clear indication that they are headed not just for more political confrontations, but perhaps a violent collision course.

Hughie’s newly formed alliance with Neuman also has political implications. In the final shots of season 2, Hughie leaves The Boys in favor of working for Neuman’s Congressional re-election campaign.

If the next season takes place during a congressional election cycle, chances are we will see Hughie and his deepening connection to Victoria Neuman and her cause in The Boys.

Homelander’s scene for the season, which showed him jerking off furiously over town while repeating “I can do whatever I want,” surely spells bad news not just for The Boys but for the political realm of the show.

At Eric Kripke’s suggestion, The Boys will continue to draw parallels to America’s democracy and all its ridiculousness, using superhero imagery and mythology to question authority.

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