The theory of ” Stranger Things” shows that eleven will make the Season 5 villain stronger


The feeling of Eleven’s defeat at the end of season 4 of “Strange Things” will probably make Vecna even more powerful in season 5. Although the finale of season 4 left the heroes with many reasons to celebrate, it was far from a completely victorious finale of the fourth part of the show. Season 4 ended with Hopper and Eleven finally reunited, but it came at the expense of Eddie’s heroic self-sacrifice and Max fell into a coma after a temporary death.

Unlike the previous installments of “Strange Things”, the season 4 finale left a distinct impression that its story is not over yet. Despite the many confusing plot holes, the 3rd season of “Strange Things” ended on a certain note, which in fact could have been the finale for the series as a whole, if not for the revelation of Stinger that Hopper is still alive. In contrast, season 4 of “Strange Things” ended with an exciting moment when the gang was preparing to face the War again, when the Underside leaked out and began to take over the city of Hawkins.

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To prepare for the final showdown of Season 5 between Vecna and Eleven, it became clear in the season 4 finale of “Strange Things” that Eleven could not defeat the villain, despite the fact that he temporarily managed to defeat him. In classic slasher style, the body of the villain from season 4 of the TV series ” Strange Things” was nowhere to be found when Steve, Robin and Nancy left Creel House in search of Vecna’s remains. Not only that, but the clock at home striking four times, the disastrous gate opening through Hawkins, and the technical, albeit temporary, death of Max meant that Vecna became stronger than ever, which led to the merging of the Wrong Side with the city in the final moments of the finale. Because of this, Eleven felt defeated, and Vecna’s ability to use her victims’ darkest memories against them would most likely be turned against the heroine due to her disappointment over her first major loss.

How Vecna Works/Mind Catcher

Ever since the Mind Catcher possessed Will Byers in the second season of “Strange Things,” it has become clear that the monster captures its new owner, plunging him into a hopeless, desperate depression. Perhaps this is why the Demogorgon never killed Will, since the creature was part of the collective mind of Vecna, and its master might need a new human master more than food. Vecna / Mind Catcher continued this approach in season 4, when the villain forced Chrissy, Patrick, Fred and Max to see their worst memories as part of a ploy to lure them into a trance before killing them.

How Losing Eleven Makes Her Less Powerful in Season 5

In the fifth season of Strange Things, Vecna will most likely take advantage of Eleven’s anger, despondency and depression to further deprive her of her strength. The fact that Eleven was able to resurrect Max in the season 4 finale of “Strange Things” proves that her powers are still present and may be even stronger than ever before. However, this means that her defeat by Vecna was more a matter of confidence and self-confidence than brute force. Eleven didn’t feel like she could beat Vecna when she came face-to-face with the villain, and that perception wasn’t helped by the fact that Dr. Brenner repeatedly told her she wasn’t ready yet during training.

Vecna can sense this kind of negative emotions and will be able to use them against Eleven in the fifth season of the TV series “Strange Things”, which will further deprive her of her strength, convincing her that she cannot defeat him and as a result should not even try. The extent of the Eleven’s power doesn’t matter if she can’t access them, which means that Vecna’s main mission will not be to defeat her, which he has failed to do twice already, but to convince her of the futility of resistance.

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Losing Eleven Secretly Makes Defeating Vecna Easier Than Ever

After too many villains were introduced in season 3 of Strange Things, the series made up for this problem by revealing in season 4 that all of its supernatural monsters were the secret facets of one powerful being. Henry Creel/One/Vecna used Demogorgons, Demodogs, Mind Catchers, Spider Monster and monstrous Bats of the Underside as his foot soldiers, but he was ultimately the architect of the Underside and therefore the center of the paranormal evil depicted in seasons 1-3 of “Strange Things”.

So while Eleven’s inability to handle defeat from Vecna makes her depressed—in turn, making Vecna stronger—her final battle with the character will actually be easier than previous battles, as the character now knows she needs to defeat one main villain for the whole Upside Down to collapse. While Eleven may not be ready to rejoice at this news, another underrated character of “Strange Things” is ready.


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