The Theory Explains God’s True Plans for Heavenly Lucifer


While Lucifer views God as the enemy, most of the characters in the series regard God as the benevolent Creator of all things, and the other angels like Amenadiel remain loyal to their Father.

Lucifer season 5 has subtly laid even more groundwork for the next phase of God’s plan for the Devil. Amenadiel told Lucifer that God spoke to him, saying that Hell “no longer needs a warden.”

God removing the need for a ruler of Hell means that Lucifer is essentially out of a job, but that also means that the Devil could be preparing for a new position in the great order of things.

Michael’s presence in Los Angeles could also be related to Lucifer’s twin having inside knowledge of what God’s plan for Lucifer is, and he’s furious about it.

So what if God’s endgame for Lucifer is to give his fallen (but obviously favorite) son the ultimate promotion to become the next Almighty?

It is clear that God has a mysterious plan for the Devil and the greatest promotion of all could be in the offering. Whether or not it’s a job Lucifer ultimately wants, and what it would mean to the world, is a whole different story.

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