The terrifying secret power of the Miracle Twins is officially confirmed by DC


Warning: Contains spoilers for DC vs. Vampires #8!

Of all the DC superhero teams, the Wonder Twins tend to be the least taken seriously. However, the often silly duo of Jaina and Zan actually hides one dark secret. As it turned out in the latest edition of the DC vs event. Vampires, one family tragedy is all that prevents Jane from becoming a full member of the superhero community.

Together, Jaina and Zan form the Miracle Twins; extraterrestrial siblings who have dedicated themselves to fighting crime together with their beloved monkey Glick. By punching and declaring “The Powers of the Miracle Twins, activate!” the duo can change shape: Jaina chooses the type of animal she will become when Zan turns into water. In the DC vs universe. Vampires Zan tragically died in the early days of the undead uprising, torn to death by a blender from a vampire Green Lantern. Without Zan, Jaina becomes an integral member of the resistance, killing the Vampire Firestorm and handing Supergirl into the hands of other rebel leaders. Alone during the vampire apocalypse, Jaina quickly discovers that her brother’s death actually turned out to be extremely beneficial, at least as far as her powers and therefore her ability to survive the end of the world are concerned.

«DC vs. Vampires #8″ was created by a duo of screenwriters James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg, and artists — Otto Schmidt and Daniele Di Nicuolo. Towards the end of the issue, Jaina bursts out of the chest of the evil Atlantean in the form of a water tiger, saving Supergirl, Steel and Black Manta on their journey to Australia. Here Jaina announces an important discovery made after her brother’s death: she gained access to both of their powers at the same time.

This new ability marks a significant increase in Jaina’s power. When her fellow Miracle Twin has disappeared from view, she now has full control over her own transformations: thus, she now has the ability to activate the powers of the Miracle Twins at will, and also expands her potential transformation choices. This has already proved extremely useful for the resistance, as Jaina destroyed the Atlantean attacker in a way that was previously impossible for her. Following Supergirl’s boat in the water, Jaina allowed Atlanta to breathe in her water form, which gave her the opportunity to destroy the attacker from the inside. This marks a dramatic increase in Jaina’s strength, opening the door to potential abilities that will probably help her survive this vampire onslaught in a way she simply could not with her brother by her side.

Despite their relative lack of strength, the Wonder Twins are highly trusted by the Justice League, and are often treated as junior members. With the increase in Jaina’s strength, it is quite logical that she will move to the big leagues, the end of the world or not. However, it is tragic that such an optimistic and idealistic hero turned into a murderer because of an outbreak of vampires.

Zan is often the butt of jokes when it comes to the Miracle Twins, as his water powers seem useless compared to Jaina’s transformations into animals. As shown in DC vs. Vampires #8, a whole new world of powers awaits the wonderful twins, and one death in the family is all that separates one of DC’s stupidest teams from creating one of the most powerful personalities.


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