The Terrifying Resident Evil 3D Billboard Is Going Viral, And No, Get It Away From Me


I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest fan of horror movies. It’s not my favorite genre, but I’m not one of those who runs away from horror movies. I’ve seen all the classics and enjoyed many of them quite well. Sometimes the screamer strikes like nothing else can. But a person has to draw a line somewhere, and for me this Resident Evil 3D billboard that I’m going to show you is this line.

The billboard in question recently appeared in Times Square in New York and almost immediately began to attract attention. It depicts an undead creature, similar to Liqueur, breaking a glass case and bursting out. A viral tweet with the full video has garnered almost 10 million views, and many versions have appeared on YouTube. You can see this unholy nightmare in all its eerie glory below…

First of all, hello to the one who designed this 3D billboard. Now I hate it more than anything in the world, but the point of advertising is to attract attention. I’m sitting here typing an article about this abomination on a Sunday morning; so the job is well done for everyone involved. However, secondly, what is the approval process for one of these billboards that is officially approved by the city authorities? I need to know where the line goes and why it didn’t get on the lists of banned movie posters or banned TV posters.

I have very clear memories of life in Los Angeles 7-10 years ago, when The Strain started dropping billboards with a worm crawling out of someone’s eyeball. I had to look away every time I passed a bus stop. The city eventually put an end to these for being too graphic, but I think since this creature doesn’t jump into anyone’s eye sockets, it’s fine. Or maybe it is believed that good New Yorkers have a higher resistance to creep than those who live in Los Angeles?

At the same time, I would also like to thank all the participants for how good these visual effects look. It’s not easy to create such a 3D poster, and it’s also not easy to create one so bizarre that it attracts millions of free views on the Internet. Considering how weird I am, it certainly doesn’t make me want to watch the show, but for those who are addicted to such things, I think it will be a job.

A new Resident Evil TV show with the appropriately named Resident Evil was released on Netflix last week. This has mostly caused mixed reviews from critics, but some fans are warming up a little slower, partly due to concerns about how little overlap there is with other parts of the classic franchise. If you think a 3D poster is cool, you should consider it. However, if you are like me and don’t want to participate in this poster, I would consider checking out literally anything else.