The terrifying Elven Ring clip shows the player being ambushed by a giant ground octopus


The Elden Ring is full of disturbing creatures that players will have to fight, and one of the most disturbing is the Giant Land Octopus. Unfortunately for one of the Elden Ring players, one of these enemies caught them by surprise, and a squid crept up on them and attacked out of nowhere.

A giant land octopus, looking like an enemy straight out of Bloodborne, barks more than bites. Despite the fact that he is huge, and the players will probably be terrified when they hit a few blows, and his health will not change much, the key to success is simple. Giant ground octopuses stagger very easily, so if players land a few blows on the front of the spherical tentacle fusion, they will stun it. From there, it will be easy to deal a critical blow, and players will deal incredible damage to the monster.

However, Reddit user Highsenberg199774829 did not encounter any of these enemies in a head-on fight. The clip begins with a Reddit user riding a Torrent to a cliff at the top of Giant Mountain. Clearly confused by the amount of bloodstains in this area, since they don’t see the enemies to fight, they jump off their horse and inspect the bloodstain. Here, things quickly take a frightening turn as a giant ground octopus prepares to ambush a Reddit user.

Elden Ring — horror game… from Eldenring

What makes the clip so interesting is that players see a Giant ground Octopus getting ready to jump. Seeing the shadows of his tentacles slowly increase behind the player as they interact with the bloodstain adds some horror to what would normally be just a screamer, and the player clearly notices the shadow at the last second. As the Reddit user rolls away from the dark tendrils, the Giant ground Octopus makes a terrifying sound and jumps down to fight the Elden Ring player, trying to capitalize on his bullying tactics.

While the comments section was filled with Elden Ring players sharing the scariest moments from their walkthroughs, with many referring to some catacombs, others suggested Highsenberg199774829 return to the same area at night. This is due to the fact that the most complex version of the Death Rite Bird will appear in this place as soon as darkness descends on the Intermediate Lands. The gamer who posted this video was happy to receive this information, as he finally got his answer about where all the bloodstains came from. Even though it’s scary, it would make little sense for this sneaky ground octopus to wreak such havoc.

With the DLC for Elden Ring leaked online, players may soon encounter new enemies they haven’t seen before. However, these enemies will surely have a hard time scaring Highsenberg199774829 as much as this slimy, well-hidden creature.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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