The TENET moments of video games


After Nolan’s latest movie, we reviewed the best video games about inverted objects, metaphysics, entropy, time loops and parallel universes.

There is sure to be more than one Christopher Nolan fan in the room, so let us start with a memory, with a memento (ba dum tss). Do you remember that sequence from The Dark Knight Rises (the last movie of the trilogy) in which, in the middle of winter, Bane’s henchmen make Gordon and the rest of the police walk on the thin ice sheet that surrounds Gotham? So that it breaks and they fall into the water and freeze to death (or drowned, whichever comes first, which we suppose Bane doesn’t care). Well, those poor policemen are all journalists who try to mix film and video games. It’s a slippery subject where we often screw up, step harder in one environment than another and … cataclysm, the ice cracks and we freeze to death (or drowned in our own pedantry). It has a special crime because journalists do not have a thug behind us pointing a gun at us. Or not always, at least. We go into that garden (that cold Hudson River) of our own free will. And we do it even knowing that there is a kind of Cold War between cinema and video games. A Quantum Cold War, like Tenet’s. Because here everything revolves around that, how much. How many video games have a script at the level of the seventh art? How many video games did the same thing as that popular movie, but much earlier? So eternally. Like it’s a Scarecrow nightmare.

Videogames vs. Movie theater

Let’s take two examples. At the end of 2018 Netflix released its first interactive movie, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, and many people were delighted with the proposal, such as Álex de la Iglesia himself. As a result of that generalized emotion, one of the sides of this Cold War appeared. A group formed by fans of video games and in this shabby analogy we do not know if they are the capitalists, the communists, the men of the future or those of the past. But as Nolan says: “Don’t try to understand it, feel it.” The fact is that this side attacks Álex de la Iglesia and all those fascinated with Bandersnatch because they believe that their support for such a project is “an insult to video games.” They argue that video games have always had that degree of interaction (or even greater) and that nevertheless Álex and company have never broken a spear for them. Complexed. But they are the same self-conscious who, moving on to the second example (and the other side), pass you a list of Filmin films “that explain how little original and transgressive the script and the story of The Last of Us are: Part two”. And whoever says the Naughty Dog game says one of Kojima or Quantic Dream. The heavy people who always demand “a new and proper language”; those who treat video games like a teenager who is yet to become independent. Both sides spend their days like this, constantly vindicating video games before the cinema (or vice versa). if both industries had to compete instead of coexisting.

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