The ten commandments to make a good Soulslike


A few years ago, a game developed in Japan came to the West on tiptoe and without making too much noise. The Japanese critics praised this game for its difficulty and from the West, many began to be interested in it. His name was Demon’s Souls and, since then and without knowing it, we were witnessing the emergence of a new genre.

From Meristation we have decided to imagine the decalogue that governs the From Software offices to create a game worthy of the Souls saga, and after many years, the reality is that these types of games have become legion, not only from within From Software but also from other companies that have achieved great success. We talk for example about Team Ninja with their Nioh, without going any further.

So fasten your seatbelts, hit play and write down the 10 keys that every game that wants to be worthy of Miyazaki must have to fulfill the commandments of those games in which we enjoy dying, resurrecting and ending up breaking something … Until we triumph and feel like the best in the world.


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