The ten best TVs to give this Christmas


The television, that big screen that you have in the living room or that you have in your room in a small format. There are many who take advantage of Christmas to see if they renew the one they have and take a leap in quality. Currently there are good prices to see content in very good definition thanks to 4K so we are going to comment on ten models of televisions that you can ask as a gift.

You must bear in mind one thing and that is that prices may vary from the moment you see this article.

Let’s keep one thing in mind and that is that not everyone can put a large screen in their home. For that reason we start with an acceptable measure such as 40 inches in length. Don’t expect huge quality, but they do have a resolution of up to 4K and there are very good brands. Here are some models among which you will see the odd known name

Samsung Crystal UHD 2020 43TU7095 for € 369.99

LG 43UN7100ALEXA for € 349

TCL 50C715 for € 499

Philips 50PUS8555 for € 549

LG 50UN70006LA for € 390.71

Here we enter another league. 4K is no longer just an option, and neither are the OLED or HDR options you’ve heard so much about. The features improve, yes, but so do the prices, so if these televisions are on your list, we hope that the budget of the Magi is wealthy. We leave you the following models in case any

Hisense ULED 2020 55U71QF for € 579.99

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S for € 449

Samsung Crystal UHD 2020 55TU8005 for € 557.52

LG 65UN73006LA for € 639.20

Samsung Crystal UHD 2020 65TU8005 for € 699.52

Special mention to TV Box and stiks

We have seen some models of televisions that could well be the perfect Christmas gifts or Kings. However, there are users who do not want to change television, even if they have a flat screen and Full HD. For them there are also good options such as TV boxes or sticks, which give smartTV functions to one that narrowly failed to do so.

Here we tell you several exponents such as the new one from Xiaomi, Fire TV or Chromecast. You can also go to Apple TV if you are one of those who want a complete Apple ecosystem as many users of the bitten apple look for.


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