The Teenager Who Sold His Kidney To Buy An iPhone


A young Chinese man sold his kidney so he could buy him an iPhone and an iPad. Post-operative care deficiencies and damage to the body reached an unexpected point. The young will now be bedridden for the rest of their life.

Wang Shangkun, whose family lives in one of the poorest areas of China, was 17 when he decided to sell his kidney to buy an iPhone. Young Shangkun managed to contact someone for his kidney as a result of his research on the internet. The young man who had illegal surgery to sell his kidney received $ 3,000 in return. However, according to the information provided by Unilad based on local sources, Shangkun will now remain bedridden for the rest of his life.

The unfortunate young man bought an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2, which was popular at the time, after selling his kidney. However, when he went home, the young man, who could no longer bear the pressure of his family, admitted that he sold his kidney to buy the products. Making a statement on the subject, the young man’s mother stated that he was surprised at what happened as a result of his son’s confession.

He was bedridden due to postoperative care deficiencies and damage received:

Shangkun is a young man who is now 20 years old. However, the lack of postoperative care and the damage caused by kidney surgery directly affected his life. Faced with a major infection, the other healthy kidney of the teenager also became inoperable. It is currently unknown how long the young person has to live on dialysis every day.

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Meanwhile, the incident has been the subject of investigation by the authorities. Detecting the people with whom the young person contacted, law enforcement officers arrested 9 people, including surgeons. 5 of these 9 people were accused of directly selling organs. What is more interesting is that the court decided to pay 300 thousand dollars in compensation to Shangkun and his family as a result of the incident. Yes, that money could enable Shangkun to buy dozens of iPhones, but the health gone, unfortunately, will never come again.


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