The Teacher Was Fired For The Lesson. OnlyFans Video Reveals “Revenge” on The Woman Who Exposed Her


A former teacher who was fired after she was caught filming OnlyFans videos on students’ desks with her husband promises to take revenge on her ex-girlfriend who exposed her.

Former Arizona science teacher Samantha Peer, better known by her pseudonym “Chloe Carter,” went viral last year after she lost her job over a racy OnlyFans video she shot in her classroom.

In addition to being fired from school, Carter was banned from using OnlyFans for filming in a public place, as a result of which she was forced to switch to competing websites to sell her videos.

Although Carter was able to earn a significant amount of money from her content, she did not forgive her former friend who exposed her and revealed a revenge plan to get revenge.

Banned OnlyFans teacher revealed revenge plan to ex-friend

In a post on Twitter, Carter shocked viewers by saying that both she and her ex-girlfriend’s husband train in the same gym in the morning.

“Karma is coming, damn it, bastard,” she said with a sly smile on her smiley face, showing that she had something planned.

While many fans thought this meant she was going to try to sleep with her ex-girlfriend’s husband to get revenge, Carter denied that this was the case.

In a subsequent post, Carter explained that she would not pursue her ex-girlfriend’s husband because she has been in a good relationship for ten years and does not want to be close to someone who was with a “slimy caress.”.

“My revenge was to buy her shitty food van when she went broke,” she said, adding that it would happen soon.

However, after she buys a truck, the most interesting thing will begin, since the former teacher announced that she plans to “arrange a shooting in the desert with him.”

The idea of blowing up a food truck belonging to a former friend is certainly one way to spend the day, but it doesn’t look like Carter has just pulled the trigger on this acquisition yet.

We’ll have to see if Carter can eventually get revenge or if this food truck will remain in the hands of her nemesis.


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