The TAF arsenal includes technology that will change the history of the battle!


The President of the defense industry, Ismail Demir, shared the Beyond Armor Sight system called AR, developed by Bites Defense.

The president of the defense industry, Ismail Demir, announced a new technology that will allow the Turkish army to be several steps ahead of its rivals on the battlefield. Thanks to the AR/VR headset developed as part of the Beyond Armor Vision project, tanks that have been in the background for a while will be able to be used effectively again.

Combat tactics is being rewritten with the Beyond Armor Sight project

With the Beyond Armor Vision project, armored personnel, especially tanks, will be able to use AR/VR headsets. Thus, he will be able to access both the cameras outside the vehicle, which can shoot 360 degrees day and night, and the data transmitted from the command center.

Of course, this technology will be connected not only to the camera located outside the armored vehicle. For example, data such as enemy target elements, especially data on the battlefield controlled by the UAV, can be transmitted to tank personnel, even if it is not yet in sight.

The positions of other friendly elements and their intelligence will be transmitted in the same way. In other words, the personnel in the tank will really be able to see all their own and enemy elements day and night thanks to this augmented reality headgear and act accordingly.

Thanks to the retina scanner inside the AR headgear, the identity of the staff will be determined and they will be able to access the data in accordance with their authority. For example, if all data about the battlefield is transmitted to the tank commander, then only information about the route and the car will be shown to the driver, and the gunner will be shown about the positions of the targets.

The features of the AR headset developed by Bites Defense are as follows:

It was developed on domestic equipment and in accordance with the latest technologies.
Increases situational awareness of personnel in armored vehicles and provides a tactical advantage
Access by the level of detection and authorization of personnel with retinal scanning.
Compatible with installations on armored vehicles.
It can transmit vehicle data such as speed, fuel level and engine temperature.
360-degree near-field surveillance images are transmitted without delay.
The image is provided according to the user’s head movement and perspective.
It shows information about obstacles and infrastructure obtained from geographic information systems in their real position in a 360-degree view.
It instantly shows the action plan coming from the management and control systems.
It shows the route, friendly and enemy elements.
It provides access to day and night vision systems, as well as data on weapons and ammunition in the car.
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