The sweet thing that J.Lo continues to do now that she’s married Ben Affleck


There are famous couples, and there are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Two celebrities, affectionately named Bennifer, shocked the public when they reunited and, eventually, exchanged wedding vows. And thanks to a new report from those close to the couple, there’s one sweet thing that J.Lo continues to do now that she’s officially married Ben Affleck.

Jennifer 2.0 was born shortly after Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod’s relationship fell apart. The public was shocked by the reunion of Ben Affleck and J.Lo when they recently threw a lavish wedding party after tying the knot for the first time in Vegas. According to an unnamed insider who told People about the newlyweds, Lopez is having a great time calling Affleck her husband. Speaking about the wedding, they said:

It was a dream for her. She liked it when all the kids were there. She liked this place. It all seemed special… She keeps saying “my husband” and it’s very cute.

Celebrities: Sometimes they really are just like us. And while Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Georgia wedding weekend included celebrities and glamour, little things like using the word “husband” for the first time with your partner excite anyone. And it looks like J.Lo is having a great time trying out these new games.

It was decades after their initial breakup before Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunited romantically, and a lot has changed. They both became parents at that time, and their families have apparently mixed up now that the marriage has become official. And according to the same unnamed source, J.Lo was thrilled to have the family together during their recent wedding celebration.

Indeed, the two families seem to have grown closer as a result of Bennifer 2.0 becoming strong. After their wedding in Las Vegas, J.Lo and Ben Affleck took their children on a trip to Europe, which included a tour of the Louvre. As you can see above, they looked absolutely adorable while traveling as a newlywed couple.

The public has been following Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s romantic journey since they first reunited, and things have become especially exciting thanks to the fact that the celebrity couple actually got married. They surprised the public (including other newlyweds) when they played a modest wedding in Las Vegas. And after their family vacation in Europe, everything became extravagant: they arranged a grandiose event for their loved ones in Georgia, which lasted for a weekend.

In addition to a happy personal life, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are also thriving in their professional careers. J.Lo has signed a contract with Netflix, which recently released her Halftime documentary. Her movie “Shotgun Wedding” is also nearing release. As for Affleck, he has worked as a writer, actor, director and producer in various projects. Although fans are probably most excited to see him back in the role of Batman in Aquaman 2 and The Flash. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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