The Survivalists, review: a very cute adventure


We analyze The Survivalists on PC, a survival sandbox where a multitude of enigmas, surprises, threats and many adventures await us.

With the recent release of The Survivalists we wanted to delve into its pixel art universe and enjoy the new title set in the universe of The Escapists. The developer Team17 has wanted to bet on this new project, a video game of survival, adventure, combat and with an online cooperative that will undoubtedly give dozens of hours of gameplay. We will put ourselves in the shoes of a castaway and live an experience on an unexplored island, evading each enemy and expanding our experience to another level with the help of some monkeys.

Without an established history, but with an ending

As is usually the case with most titles similar to The Survivalists, we will not have a defined story that marks the beginning and the end of our journey, but will allow us to play with greater freedom. In addition, we will have the option to create our character through an editor in the menu within the game, and in this way change certain elements of the face and colors of our clothes. The video game will take us to a lost island, which is created in a procedural way making each of our games different. It will be composed of a series of elements, different biomes and a large number of resources that we will have to take into account in order to survive. Once we achieve the necessary conditions, our adventure will end and we can escape.

Our universe is still special and will maintain that essence of survival so that everything seems more real. For this, it includes a day and night cycle that will be relevant for our walks on the island. Don’t just focus on this, and we will have to take into account that every certain number of days the red moon will appear to reset all the elements that we have destroyed, enemies that we have eliminated and dungeons that we have cleaned. However, our resistance within the island will depend on two key elements: life and hunger, thanks to the fact that energy regenerates itself. We will eat by collecting fruits, getting meat from eliminated animals and creating our own recipes in a cauldron, so we will always have to carry some kind of food with us if we want to stay alive.


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