The survey showed which characters Gotham Knights fans would be excited about the main characters


Gameplay is now shown for every playable character in Bat Family Gotham Knights. Batgirl and Red Hood have not yet received their separate Gotham Knights characters, but until they are separated, fans can still look back at the two gameplay walkthroughs presented to see what their walkthroughs and combat look like.

Many fans were unhappy with how uncouth Gotham Knights looked in the gameplay for Nightwing and Red Hood, especially because it is now an exclusive next-generation game, and others before it may have looked better. However, the attention to Robin’s character attracted attention and proved that Gotham Knights can meet the standards after release. At the moment, fans have shared which characters they plan to play the most when Gotham Knights is released in October.

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Redditor u/Cultural-Ad-4745 published a survey that ended earlier today, asking fans which of the main characters of Gotham Knights they plan to make the main ones. Based on this survey, the characters fans are happy to play are in order from more to less: Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood, and finally Batgirl. Interestingly, Nightwing is not as strongly supported in the comments to the survey as some other characters that fans defend thoroughly. Specialized networks of Batgirl, for example, claim that her gameplay will be most similar to the gameplay of Batman from the Batman: Arkham franchise because of her exceptional ability to hover in a cape.

Now that we’ve seen the gameplay of each character, who will you play for? from GothamKnights

Robin’s fans have grown exponentially since the appearance of the character’s trailer and the associated extended combat video, which details certain attacks and mechanics that Tim Drake possesses. These frames seem to be much more polished than the frames shown in earlier gameplay walkthroughs, which brings the character more fans as it can be more reliably designed or developed.

Fans may well respond to this survey by referring to the characters themselves, not their gameplay. Dick Grayson is incredibly popular and famous, unlike Jason Todd, and fans can be thrilled with what they’ve already seen in the Gotham Knights version of Nightwing. Rather, the controversial portrayal of Barbara Gordon by WB Games Montreal has since been fixed, but this glitch may be enough to make fans lose interest in her character.

Regardless of the reasons why fans should be excited about certain Bat Family characters, these opinions can change constantly and quickly before the launch of Gotham Knights. Once Batgirl and Red Hood are in the spotlight, a new poll may determine that fans are much more excited about them than they are now, and it will be interesting to see if Nightwing is overthrown in the future.

The release of Gotham Knights is scheduled for October 25 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.