The surprising money Linda Hunt made from the series


With so many years of acting experience many fans have been wondering how much money does actress Linda Hunt make from the NCIS Los Angeles series? This is the surprising amount.

Linda Hunt has been appearing a few times on season 12 of the NCIS crime drama Los Angeles, which is why she appears with her character Hetty Lange via video calls.

The reason for this is because of the coronavirus pandemic with the show’s creators trying to limit the actress’s time on set to ensure her safety and health. But, let’s talk a little about the money you make from the program.

There are numerous elements that determine how much a star is paid to appear on a television show. These include the show’s audience ratings, budget, and the actor’s popularity and public profile.

But, on average, stars on networks like CBS and The CW can earn an estimated $ 40,000 per episode and audience. The better known the actor is, the more likely his salary package will reflect this.

So 75-year-old Hunt known in the entertainment industry for many years, the estimated profit per episode on NCIS Los Angeles is at least $ 80,000.

So their annual profit is estimated at $ 2 million, which does not include residual royalties, which is when actors are paid when a program or movie in which they participate is broadcast.

Although the reality is that she is not the highest paid in the NCIS Los Angeles program, but another actor that we will be talking about later.

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