The surprise, Dave Chappelle opened for Chris Rock and Kevin Hart, refers to the hype about the canceled concert in Minneapolis


After Dave Chappelle’s notoriously canceled concert in Minneapolis, Minnesota, earlier this week, the longtime comedian shocked the audience at Madison Square Garden with an unexpected appearance on stage with a couple of other strong performers. Kevin Hart and Chris Rock were the headliners, but they invited Chappelle for a stand-up. During the performance, the comedian apparently also referred to what has been happening recently in public discourse.

All this was a surprise, which the audience did not suspect in advance. Reports say he popped out when Radiohead’s “Karma Police” was playing and then stayed on stage for as long as 20 minutes to play a set. So it wasn’t just a “I’m still here” pop-up, it actually opened the show for Rock and Hart.

The comedian did not go into details about the cancellation of his recent show, which received widespread publicity after the First Avenue venue said it was working to make its venues “the safest places in the country” after some ongoing negative reaction that Chappelle has faced in recent months. . The controversy stemmed from jokes Chappelle made in recent Netflix specials, which also prompted Netflix to eliminate the backlash.

TMZ reports that Chappelle talked about being thrown on stage; the man who attacked him later said he was upset about Chappelle’s comedy shows on Netflix. In addition, he refers to the incident, joking that he “had to sneak in here. He also referred to all the headlines he’s been making lately after the controversy over some of his Netflix specials, saying he really appreciates the fan support.

Despite what you may have read in the news, I’m fine and I appreciate the support.

It is reported that the phones were blocked during the show so that the footage would not come out, but some people in Madison Square Garden apparently circumvented these rules, since there is a video of fragments of the performance, which also at some point included an encore of all three. comedians and a live goat.

Went to a comedy show at MSG for Chris Rock and Kevin Hart, and they made us throw our phones into this device so we couldn’t use them, but I managed so I could shoot this video when Dave Chappelle popped up 🐐 July 2022.

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Kevin Hart has also been busy partnering with another top—notch player— The Rock- for their upcoming DC League of Super Pets venture. However, he has a couple more dates with Chris Rock. This weekend they will perform at the PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey. On Monday evening they are going to perform at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn (ticket prices, of course, are much higher).

It’s unclear if Dave Chappelle will be participating in these shows, but it’s worth noting that Chris Rock and comedian The Closer already had a set of shows planned for September in London.


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