The summer when I became pretty, season 2, news and updates: everything we know


Attention! Contains SPOILERS for the first season of the TV series “The Summer I Loved”.

The second season of the series “The Summer I became beautiful” is officially released on Amazon Prime. This teen drama series is based on the first novel in the trilogy titled “The Summer I Became Beautiful” by the author of “To All the Boys I Used to Love” by Jenny Han. The first season of the series “The Summer I Became Beautiful” focuses on Belle (Lola Tung) and her romantic summer vacation with Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremy (Gavin Casalegno), which allows the second season to develop the story further.

With another book in the trilogy to draw inspiration from, the second season of “The Summer I Turned into a Beauty” is sure to be exciting, as it will allow you to explore Khan’s vision of these characters more deeply. Season 2, “The Summer I Became Beautiful,” got the green light even before the first season aired, which shows that Amazon Prime believes in this property. This may even indicate that Amazon intends to adapt the entire book trilogy.

In the second season of the series “The Summer I became beautiful” there will certainly be more drama, romance and emotional moments. With so many directions in which these characters can move, the 2nd season of the series “The Summer I turned into a Beauty” is a positive moment. Belle’s love story in season 1 was just the beginning, so here’s all that’s known about season 2 of “The Summer I Turned into a Beauty.”

“The Summer I turned into a beauty” has been extended for season 2?

Despite the fact that the reception for the first season on the air, “The Summer that I turned into a Beauty” has already been extended for a second season. It was renewed by Amazon Prime on June 8, 2022, until the premiere of the first season. This means that viewers can expect answers to any unanswered questions after the first season.

When will the premiere of season 2 of the TV series “Summer, where I became beautiful” take place?

The second season of the series “Summer, where I became Beautiful” currently has no official release date. There is no information yet on whether production has begun in Wilmington, North Carolina. It can be assumed that the release date in the summer of 2023 will most likely be associated with the summer release date of the first season and the fact that the action of the series takes place in the summer.

Details of the plot of season 2 “The summer in which I became pretty”

Although no official plot details have been published yet, it is expected that the second season of “The Summer I turned into a Beauty” will explore in more detail the main plot events left by the finale of the first season of “The Summer I turned into a charm”. Belli and Conrad’s relationship will undoubtedly be explored more in the upcoming season, as well as how the Fisher family is coping with Suzanne’s illness. It is also likely that season 2 will follow Han’s second novel in her trilogy, “It’s Not Summer Without You.”

The Summer in which I became Pretty, cast of season 2

So far there have been no announcements about the casting of the second season of “The Summer I turned into a beauty.” The trio of Tung, Briny and Casalegno are expected to return. There was no word on whether other series regulars Rachel Blanchard, Jackie Chang, Sean Kaufman, Minnie Mills and Alfredo Narciso would return.