The suit RM wore at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards


During the grand celebration of the 2020 Billboard Music Awards, BTS’s rapper RM left the girls in love with his look.

One of the long-awaited music ceremonies finally arrived, the 2020 Billboard Music Awards, it was one of the most anticipated events by fans, but without a doubt the presence of the South Korean band BTS captivated the ARMY, especially because of the look of the South Korean leader RM.

The K-Pop band swept the awards night last October 14, because in addition to winning the “Top Social Artist” award, they also captured the attention of the girls for their charming outfits, because Namjoon looked too handsome and gallant .

Through social networks, the ARMY shared various publications to show off the outfit chosen by BTS rapper RM, as well as the other looks of the idols of the South Korean group, but the leader’s outfit left his fans in awe.

BTS’s RM drives the networks crazy for his elegant look

The ARMY could not resist commenting on how attractive and handsome the leader of the South Korean boy band looked, because on several occasions he has presented elegant suits to wear on stage, and during the 2020 Billboard Music Awards he was no exception.

RM, the leader of the K-Pop band, is fascinated by looking presentable like the other idols, as it was appreciated when they were performing the hit song “Dynamite”, one of the most listened to songs on digital platforms.

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There is no doubt that RM from BTS in addition to being a great dancer, rapper and composer, has a good taste for fashion, because every time he wears an elegant suit, he leaves the girls very much in love, who enjoy sharing their different styles on social networks outfits.


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