The Suicide Squad And Dune Already Have A Release Date On HBO Max Spain


The Suicide Squad: Warner’s streaming platform announces the release dates of some of its biggest box office hits in recent months in Spain. Dune and James Gunn’s Suicide Squad already have a release date on HBO Max Spain. This has been shared by those responsible, announcing the dates on which these films and other long-awaited premieres will be available on Warner’s streaming platform in Spain. All in all, HBO Max has put together a very interesting release schedule for this coming February with recently released films in theaters.

The most outstanding premieres of HBO Max in February

Thus, Dune, the film starring Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac or Jason Momoa, among others, will arrive on HBO Max Spain on February 17, 2022, the day on which the new film by filmmaker Denis Villeneuve will be available on Warner’s streaming platform in Spain. Recall that the project of its second part as Dune: Part 2 has already been confirmed, still without a release date in theaters.

On the other hand, James Gunn’s crazy and irreverent version of The Suicide Squad will be available on HBO Max Spain a little earlier, specifically, from February 1, 2022. Thus, the most violent group of antiheroes in cinema will break into the streaming platform in our country in less than two weeks. Let’s remember that Peacemaker, the spin-off of Gunn’s own tape and with John Cena as the protagonist, has already released its first three episodes, also on HBO Max.

Other notable premieres on the platform for this month of February 2022 are Maligno, the horror film by James Wan with Annabelle Wallis and Jake Abel, which will arrive on the 3rd of that month, or Cry Macho, directed by and starring the inexhaustible Clint Eastwood, which will arrive on the 24th. Finally, KIMI is another of the productions arriving this February on HBO Max, in this case, with a direct premiere on the platform, a film starring Zoë Kravitz.