The “Suicide Squad” actor poses with a life-size wooden statue of the Shark King


The star of “Suicide Squad” Steve Agee was pictured posing next to a life-size wood carving depicting his character, the Shark King. The 53-year-old actor portrayed the DC villain on set alongside Sylvester Stallone, who voiced the computer character. In addition to the Shark King, Agee also played the supporting character of John Economos, a member of ARGUS. an agent working for Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). Economos also features prominently in the HBO spin-off series The Peacemaker.

Conceived in the 1990s by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett, Shark King primarily served as the opponent of Aquaman from the comics. Enlisted in the so-called Suicide Squad in later stories, the character was one of several chosen to be portrayed in James Gunn’s action film along with characters such as Harley Quinn, Peacemaker, Blood Sport, Pied Piper 2 and the Polka Dot Man. Released in 2021, the film follows the losers of Task Force X on a secret mission to infiltrate the dictatorial state of Corto Maltese and destroy a giant alien life form known as Starro the Conqueror.

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Now a fan under the nickname Proud Squirrel has shared a photo of Agee posing next to a life-size wood carving depicting his character from Suicide Squad. Created as part of the Washington State Summer Competition, the wooden Shark King statue competed impressively with Agee’s 6-foot-7-inch frame and featured intricate details including individual teeth and defined pectoral muscles. The proud squirrel, a clear DCEU fan, posed next to Agee and her creation in a Harley Quinn-inspired shirt.

Agee, a frequent collaborator of Gunn, has already expressed his willingness to reprise the role of the Shark King in any future spin-offs, referring to the fact that he likes working with colleagues in the film Idris Elba and Margot Robbie. Being one of the few characters who survived the events of “Suicide Squad”, the possibility of the return of the Shark King remains relevant, especially against the background of the success of Gunn’s series “Peacemaker”, which aroused new fan interest in the DCEU. Although no specific updates have been received regarding the character’s future in the franchise, Gunn has already hinted at the potential return of other members of the Suicide Squad, including The Thinker (Peter Capaldi), despite the fact that he suffered a bloody death in the 2021 film.

While Agee’s chances of returning in future “Suicide Squad” sequels may be high, given his character’s survival, Gunn has so far indicated that any new feature films with him at the helm are put on the back burner, while he prioritizes work on television. While the Shark King’s complex backstory may make him a welcome addition to any future movies or TV spin-offs, there don’t seem to be any plans to bring him back to the DCEU anytime soon. Despite this, the second season of “Peacemaker” has already received the green light, and Agee will most likely soon be seen in the image of a more human character John Economos.