The Subtle Change In WhatsApp Difficult To See


WhatsApp: If something works in a service, application or platform, why change it? It is enough to update it, give it a new look but in a very subtle way, and thus prevent users from complaining in a massive way. This is something that WhatsApp has just done in its application, for example. But such a subtle change that it is very easy to miss.

Chat bubbles redesign

Visually, one of the best successes that WhatsApp had was that its text conversations between contacts were made through speech bubbles, bubbles, as if it were a comic. Each interlocutor has their own bubble on either side of the screen to better represent the conversation.

Well, now open any conversation on your WhatsApp, and look not at the words, but at the speech bubbles that contain them. Do you see its shape, its angles and its corners? Now look at the screenshot just below this paragraph. You feel it? Do you appreciate the change? It’s very subtle, but it’s there: WhatsApp has redesigned its chat bubbles, rounding their corners.

For now, in beta

Discovered by the experts at WABetaInfo, this change has been implemented since today, but only in the WhatsApp Beta version for Android, v2.23.13.2. If you are a user of the WhatsApp Beta program, you will be able to see that change now. If not, since it is already in the beta, it will surely not take long to reach the standard version of WhatsApp.

If you want to become a beta tester or WhatsApp tester, try entering the Google Play store to find the trial version (or directly at this link). This way you will check if they admit you as a tester, or at the moment the program is closed to new users.


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