The students are fans of “gongbang” a new way of studying


The rupture of the social link due to the health crisis remains very violent for the students … Some therefore go to “Gongbang”!

French students therefore go to “Gongbang”! No, it has nothing to do with what you think … It is indeed a way of filming yourself during reviews. A way, thus, not to feel alone anymore… Even locked up!

Because confinement has had terrible effects on young people. They themselves have launched a movement where they present themselves as “ghosts” … Blame it on the curfew, the confinements, and the courses that are done quite a bit from a distance.

Many students therefore spend time alone at home … But they have found an original way to study: the “gongbang”. The principle, although very simple, does good for a lot of them: it is about filming themselves revising.

Sometimes in the open, sometimes blurred, sometimes only framed on the hands, the young people thus advance in their revisions. A practice which may seem strange, therefore, but which allows some to revise in silence.

Some work from home, others from the BU or from open spaces: students find themselves in peace and serenity. Some of them even add soft, zen music or the crackling of fires behind …

Some ASMR video channels are therefore posting new content, just as calm, to highlight the revisions. A way to ensure social ties, therefore, while keeping the common thread of his studies.

The students are fans of “gongbang” a new way of studying!


Gongbang is therefore becoming fashionable in France. Young French people are thus picking up on a fad that is already widespread in the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan … But which mainly comes from South Korea, the country of origin of the concept.

The story of the gongbang can thus give rise to a smile. The concept indeed comes from a young Korean, who was trying … to prove to his parents that he was studying. But he decided to go further than traditional students: he filmed his revisions!

His parents could therefore check that their child was working well… Live, and on video. A fairly simple idea, and rather made to make fun of the increased surveillance of his parents. But who liked others, and who started to export!

So here is the gongbang in France. First a way to monitor themselves, the concept now appeals to other students: those who need a social connection, to feel supported, and to no longer find themselves alone in front of their books in an apartment.

A way, too, to calm down with music, or with calm and zen atmospheres. Enough to boost the morale of a lot of young people. Because they feel supported, calmed down, and force themselves to revise … What a positive thing!


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