The Strongest Jedi in Star Wars Video Games


“Star Wars” has a long, long history in the video game world. Starting with the very first Star Wars game released for the Atari 2600, and ending in 1982, the beloved Sci-Fi/Fantasy franchise has received at least one video game adaptation every year since then, and although not all of them were met with the same critical or fan reception, most of them fulfilled the promise to transfer a player in a galaxy far, far away. From shooting a blaster to flying an X-Wing, Star Wars games most often allow fans to live out their greatest Star Wars fantasies, and many of them allow players to take control of some of the most powerful characters in Star Wars. The universe of wars, the Jedi.

While a Star Wars game doesn’t have to portray the Jedi to be great, the star-studded Rogue Squadron series or the very first Star Wars: Battlefront are great examples of this, and it often helps. After all, some of the most iconic Star Wars moments come from films about lightsaber battles and strength training, so it’s only natural that fans would want to use these weapons and powers for themselves. Over the four decades of Star Wars games, there are quite a few games in which players can control a Jedi, but only a few revolve around the most powerful Jedi in the universe.

The strongest Jedi of video games with a lightsaber

The Jedi are the peacemakers of the galaxy, highly trained in both the art of swordsmanship and the mystical life energy known as the Force. Over the past 40 years, fans have been able to play as one of the strongest lightsaber wielders in the entire Star Wars universe, having the opportunity to use their finely tuned senses to help them in one-on-one combat.

One of the strongest Jedi with a lightsaber is Kyle Katarn, the protagonist of the Dark Forces and Jedi Outcast series. In the first Dark Forces game, Kyle Katarn is just a mercenary who was assigned by the rebels to get the Death Star plans in a non-canonical version of events. This first game draws inspiration from Doom and focuses on blaster combat rather than any lightsaber gameplay.

In the sequel “Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2″, Kyle Katarn learns that his father was a Jedi, and he also has the same inherent connection with the Force. After a run-in with several bounty hunters on Nar Shaddaa, Katarn returns to his family homestead on Sulon and discovers his father’s lightsaber with a message from his late father explaining that the dark Jedi Jherek responsible for his murder must be stopped at all costs. During Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2, Kyle gives up his mercenary life and chooses a new path, the path of the Jedi.

While Kyle is a decent Power user, his powers are limited, and only short bursts of Power Healing, Power Speed, and other abilities are available. Instead, Kyle Katarn is much better at wielding his lightsaber, using it to effectively destroy the armies of the Remnants of the Empire in his path. In just a few strokes, Katarn can defeat some of the most experienced dark Jedi of his era.

In Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, players take control of Kyle Katarn again. Having regained his strength after a short training session with Luke Skywalker, Katarn again intends to defeat the Dark Jedi rebellion. Jedi Outcast is considered one of the best lightsaber fights in any Star Wars video game, and all this is used to show how strong Kyle Katarn is with a lightsaber, able to easily dodge and jump behind his opponents, cutting them. through their defense in seconds.

Kyle continues to train Mara Jade, who eventually becomes Luke Skywalker’s wife in the non-canonical Legends universe. Thanks to his teachings and her inherent talent, Mara Jade quickly becomes one of the strongest lightsaber wielders of her era, even able to surpass Kyle Katarn when he is lured to the Dark Side at the end of Star Wars. The Jedi Knight: Secrets of the World”. Sith.

A recent contender for the title of the strongest lightsaber user, Cal Kestis from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order uses a heavier form of lightsaber combat than Kyle Katarn or Mara Jade. Although Cal’s attacks are a little slower, they are much more powerful, and the brute force of each strike can deliver several crushing blows to both stormtroopers and stormtroopers. Even though his training was interrupted due to Order 66, Cal is still able to defeat some of the Empire’s best inquisitors.

But there is one lightsaber owner that Cal can’t even strike a single blow at: Darth Vader. Darth Vader, who has been played in a number of Star Wars games over the years, is one of the most powerful characters in all of Star Wars, and the most recent episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi is a perfect example of that. Although he prefers to use Force to intimidate and defeat, Vader is deadly with a lightsaber, delivering only the most deliberate and powerful blows.