The strongest form of the super-Slavic god of all time will never be seen again


The Dragon Ball franchise has long been known for many transformations, primarily various unique forms of Super Saiyan, which Goku and other heroes achieve throughout the series. In the 2013 film Dragon Pearl Z: Battle of the Gods, fans were introduced to the idea of a Super Saiyan God, a transformation to which several subsequent forms were later attached, but the most powerful of these forms may never be seen again.

Chapter 15 Super Dragon Ball Heroes: The Big Bang Mission begins with Goku and company on the verge of survival after a protracted battle with the new Dark King Fu. Fu has recently absorbed the power of Dogidoga, the dark mirror of Tokitoka, the bird that controls the passage of time. It was predicted that the appearance of Dogidogi would lead to the destruction of all universes, and since Fu controls his power, this prophecy seems to be about to come true. Fu’s final plan seems to be to resurrect something called the Universal Tree and bring all the time in the entire universe back to zero. To stop him, Goku plunges into the Tree of the Universe and takes on his power, passing into a state never seen before.

When Goku first enters the Universal Tree, Fu completely rejects this idea, stating that it is foolish to think that he will not just be absorbed by the enormous power of the Universal Tree. However, after a few moments, Fu notices that the flow of the Universal Tree has completely changed. Goku returns to battle, now the power of the Universal Tree passes through him. This new form is officially called Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (The Power of the Universal Tree). Due to the unique circumstances that allow Goku to achieve this Super Saiyan God state, this is probably his most powerful transformation ever, and he will probably never appear again.

Dragon Ball Heroes as a whole tries to explore the Dragon Ball macro universe, as well as several timelines, and as a result, the stakes of each story are always on a larger-than-life, universal scale. Because of this, every transformation or character featured in these stories must be at this universal level of combat power in order to remain relevant in the series itself. Goku is no exception, and Dragon Ball Heroes proves that it is ready to give Goku literally any possible strength to make sure that he saved the situation. Goku, who possesses the power of the Universal Tree, is perhaps the greatest feat of strength, since he takes the entire reserve of Berus’ power to prevent the roots of the Universal Tree from spreading throughout the universe. Without a doubt, in this form, Goku surpasses the Gods of Destruction and is most likely closer to the power of an angel than ever before.

Due to the completely overwhelming power of this form and the necessary presence of the Universal Tree to use it, this form of the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (the Power of the Universal Tree) will most likely never be seen again. Despite the fact that Dragon Ball Heroes has a habit of bringing back old transformations to enhance the nostalgia factor, it would be too convenient for this variation of the form of the Super Saiyan God Goku to ever return.