The strongest fighters of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to master


As for what can be considered a party game, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate there are some characters that are really hard to master. Learning such concepts of fighting games as neutrality and disadvantage is quite difficult in such a flexible game as SSBU. However, mastering a character that requires even more effort to function even at a basic level makes the game even more challenging and more rewarding.

There are two main factors in SSBU that complicate the study of the character. On the one hand, they can be as bad as Kirby and Ganondorf (although Kirby is a great Super Smash Bros. character. Ultimate for beginners), whose weaknesses interfere with the process of learning how SSBU works, forcing players to bypass them. On the other hand, characters may have mechanics and strategies that require players not only to understand how SSBU combat works, but also how to then implement niche game plans into their matches.

This list of complex SSBU characters is interesting to the last group of fighters. They may need in-depth knowledge of their set of techniques, hand-wringing combo inputs, or confirmation of a kill with frame-by-frame accuracy. Despite this, the following characters are guaranteed to be a problem for those who want to pick them up in SSBU.

The art of Monado Shalka is insanely difficult in Smash Ultimate

Shalk from Xenoblade Chronicles is constantly featured in lists of difficult fighting game characters because of his neutral special character Monado Art. Monado Arts essentially turns Shalka into one of five different characters, fully customizing his characteristics, which is why he is one of the Super Smash Bros. the best swordsmen. His Speed Art turns him into a Fox, but with a sword, as he becomes a fast and fast scavenger with strong neutral and combo play. Conversely, the Shield Art makes Shalka incredibly slow, but allows him to drop out of punches with a few hits and avoid almost all bounces from opponents’ movements. Thus, to become a master of Shalka, you need to study six different characters: the basic Shalka and each of his Monado Arts.

What makes Shalka even more complex is its storage of dials. Monado Art functions as a dial on which players can switch between options to select their preferred Monado art. To activate this dial, players must hold the B button for 11 frames. However, unlike any other attacks of Super Smash Bros. characters, players can cancel the disk launch at any time before the disk makes a move, and at the same time they will “save” frames so that the disk can be activated faster next time. the time of its use. The impact this has on Shulka’s gameplay is limitless. Storing on the dial allows the Player to cancel the landing delay on their antennas, activate the shield art in the middle of combos, and more. What works best for Schalk is that the dial vault unlocks combos, and the kills confirm that he otherwise couldn’t have done it, such as dropping Buster’s neutral aerial art into forward percussion art. However, these advantages are a double—edged sword: Shalk has almost unlimited potential due to his strengths, but his powers are achieved only with the help of complex techniques.

Lucas is the most technical character of Smash Ultimate

Lucas’ fighter design in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is deceptive. At first, he appears to be a slower clone of Ness using projectiles. However, over time, Lucas proved to be one of the fastest and most time-consuming characters in the game. Lucas’ best players, such as Knightox and Blucas, illustrate how ridiculous this character can be. Thanks to wave bounces, B-turns, double jumps with zaire, slingshots and much more, Lucas thrives by deceiving his opponents with his constant and fast movement. Other characters can only dream of the opportunities provided to Lucas, due to SSBU’s movement technology and its characteristics. But at the same time, Lucas players have to spend a lot of time mastering all the technical options available in SSBU, as they are necessary to optimize the fighter.

However, even after the player has mastered the technique of moving as fast as Sonic in the Super Smash Bros. series. With Lucas, he also has to master his punishment game. Lucas has excellent boxing and combo tools. However, their use can be difficult, since their optimization requires accurate input data. For example, Lucas can link neutral air strikes to each other, but only if he manages to fall quickly after the fourth stroke of the movement. This specificity makes optimization of Lucas a difficult task, since not only its neutral state requires complex technical actions, but also its advantage state.

To add insult to injury, Lucas also has a difficult recovery. Despite the fact that many players discount the ascending special moves of Lucas and Ness throughout the Smash Bros. series, both of them are quite strong, and they can be scary to challenge. However, to make defending the edge difficult for opponents, Lucas has to mix his recovery.


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