The Strongest Droids in Star Wars video Games


As for the franchises, “Star Wars” is certainly one of the most beloved and culturally significant that the world has ever seen. Over the decades, Star Wars has released many books, comics, movies, TV shows and video games, and the sci-fi giant is not going to slow down. In 2012, things really started to improve in the media when Star Wars was acquired by Disney — which itself has already become another cultural center — and since then, many incredible Star Wars games have been released from various developers, such as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen from Respawn Entertainment. Order and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga by TT Games.

The Star Wars universe is full of compelling characters and charming aliens, infamous Sith lords and deadly bounty hunters vying for a place in the vast narrative canon. Along with myriad intelligent species, many droids have also occupied their niche, becoming in some cases one of the most popular and recognizable characters in the crowded Star Wars Hall of Fame. Although droids can be anything from friendly companions to formidable opponents, some of them seem much stronger than most of their mechanical counterparts.

Astromech Droids

Astromechanics are probably not the first to come to mind when thinking about strong and powerful droids. Designed more for repairing mechanisms than for combat, astrodroids perform an important function on spaceships, but in fact they are not the models that people could send to the battlefield. However, strength is more than just firepower, and these little droids have proven their effectiveness in difficult situations over and over again. The most famous astrodroid is undoubtedly R2-D2, a resourceful and incredibly persistent droid who becomes an integral part of the Skywalker saga. R2 appears in games such as Star Wars Battlefront and its sequel.

IT-O Investigator

Like astromech droids, IT-O units are not designed for combat. However, the IT-O are still formidable enemies for any prisoner unlucky enough to encounter them, and they have a number of torture devices hidden in their spherical bodies to facilitate their deadly methods. Having tools for triggering, such as electroshock probes and even flesh cleaners, as well as medications that help apply methods of mental torture, IT-O should not be contacted. Probably best known for his menacing presence in Star Wars. Episode 4: A New Hope” when Leia was captured aboard the Death Star.


Another droid known in the prequel trilogy is droideka. The destroyer droid is a rolling ball of death that was regularly used on battlefields and even caused trouble for Obi—Wan and Qui-Gon. These rounded mechanical killing machines were incredibly deadly, and they were designed to deal maximum damage to enemies without giving up until they were destroyed. In addition to their weapons, the Droidekas were also equipped with deflector shields and solid armor, which made them just as formidable in both defense and offense. They have appeared in mobile games such as Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and Star Wars: Galactic Defense, as well as in the Star Wars Battlefront 2 supplement.

B1 Series Battle Droids

Closely related to the Clone Wars, the B1 series battle droids may not be taken seriously by some fans due to their occasional comical idiocy and flimsy design. The Jedi could easily cut them into pieces, but they were still widely used on the front lines as part of the mechanized army of the Trade Federation. They played an important role in the occupation of the capital of Naboo Tida, and despite their failures and less than tactical antics, they are still built for combat. Battle droids are mostly associated with the prequel trilogy and the animated series “Star Wars: Clone Wars”, but they have appeared in games such as Star Wars: Force Arena and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

KX Series Security Droids

The K-2SO was a popular addition to Rogue One: Star Wars. Stories” and showed how effective and useful KX series security droids can be. The lanky droid was made for the Empire, and its tall stature and impressively agile movements helped set it apart from other, bulkier models. Although technically they are not “battle droids”, these guard droids are not programmed with any limitations when it comes to harming intelligent life forms, and were often used to protect imperial facilities. Even capable of using blasters, the KX series definitely cannot be underestimated, and they were a terrifying enemy in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.


The IG-88s were killer droids, which speaks to their skills.