The Streaming Wars Part 2 Released South Park’s Worst Joke


South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2 still depicts Cartman with a pair of huge fake breasts, but the full-length special does surprisingly well with a lazy, transphobic joke. In the finale of “South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2,” Cartman loses his short-lived breast implants as part of a complex scheme to power Randy Marsh’s desalination plant. The silly joke was a correspondingly silly conclusion to the most absurd plot of the special issue. However, the skillful handling of this joke in The Streaming Wars Part 2 is somewhat surprising.

In South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 1 was a transphobic joke as part of an unfortunate plot in which Cartman had a breast augmentation because, as the character informed his mother, “It’s 2022, now they’re doing it with kids.” Fortunately, this joke was not returned at the conclusion of the special issue of “South Park”, consisting of two parts.

In addition to saving Randy Marsh’s character, a transphobic joke is dropped in The Streaming Wars Part 2. There were many moments about Cartman being obsessed with people staring at his chest, but the South Park special didn’t mention that sex-change procedures were too freely available to the public. The otherwise strong Streaming Wars Part 1 made smart remarks about water shortages, big business controlling public amenities, and the state of the entertainment industry, which only disappointed his transphobic joke. So it was a relief that South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2 managed to avoid this problem.

How The Streaming Wars Part 2 Improved South Park’s Worst Joke

South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2 shows that Cartman is annoyed that his mother refused breast implants after he went to trouble by undergoing a completely unnecessary procedure. However, if Cartman’s description of the operation in “Streaming Wars, Part 1” implied that the doctors would agree with this stupid plan, then in “Streaming Wars, Part 2” it was instead implied that the whole plot was ridiculous. In the opening episode, the judge kicks Cartman and his mother out of court, refusing to take their case against each other seriously. It was a much stronger joke than “Streaming Wars, Part 1,” implying that sex—change procedures were too common-a particularly dangerous joke at a time when transphobia is becoming more normalized and publicly acceptable.

Although the first part of the “Streaming Wars” was as pompous and absurd as any other episode of South Park, the special was intended to simulate real-life phenomena. Climate change leading to water scarcity, private companies profiting from drought, and Randy Marsh’s weed—growing business in South Park were all based on real topics that viewers needed to learn. Thus, it was more than suspicious to see a South Park special legitimizing transphobic discourse, implying that a surgeon would insert breast implants into an eight-year-old child, fearing that he would be “canceled” if he objected. At a time when Americans’ access to healthcare is an extremely sensitive issue, the idea that surgery was too accessible and accessible was not one that many viewers could recognize in reality, and therefore it was wise for South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2. to drop this joke earlier.