The Streamer “Pokémon Violet” Credit Card Data Was Leaked by Pet Fish


During a recent Pokémon Violet live broadcast, one YouTuber’s credit card details were accidentally revealed by his favorite fish.

Mukekimaru Channel is behind the live broadcast of Fish Play Pokémon, during which his favorite fish played more than 20,000 hours trying to complete games such as Pokémon Crystal, LeafGreen and Sapphire.

Their latest challenge is Pokémon Violet, where a YouTuber has installed a motion tracking program behind the aquarium that allows creatures to press buttons as they swim past.

Everything was going like clockwork until the Pokémon game crashed during a stream earlier this week (via NintendoLife). However, the motion tracking program remained active, which means that fish accidentally opened the Nintendo eShop, watched several games and added 500 yen to Mukekimaru’s account, revealing his credit card details.

Or, as Mukekimaru put it, “On YouTube live. Pet fish play Pokemon. The game crashes with an error. Return to the home screen. Slowly to the online store. Disclosure of credit card information.”

Check it out below.

Mutekimaru confirmed that Pokémon Violet will be the last Pokemon Fish Play.

In other pet news, streamer MissMikkaa shared footage of her pet playing very, very well in the Elden Ring.

In the footage, which was posted online, the dog stepped onto the dance floor (which Miss Mikkaa regularly uses instead of a controller) while she was away from the screen, leading the Tarnished away from the oncoming dragon.

“Does my dog play Elden Ring better than you?” she captioned the video. “Yoshi was on a mission to find treats when he valiantly stood up to the dragon and put my character in a place where I didn’t die from his fire! A HERO.”

From other news: NetEase has decided not to renew its contract with Activision Blizzard, which means that some games, including World Of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone and Diablo 3, will be unavailable in China from next week.


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