The strategy game Art: History Untold will appear in the Xbox Game Pass on the first day


Over the past few years, Xbox has made a huge effort to bring back one of its most popular PC gaming franchises — Age of Empires. The revival of a series of real-time strategy games, apparently, has awakened interest in other PC-oriented genres in Xbox Game Studios. As part of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, Xbox has unveiled a new game called Ara: History Untold. Instead of a real-time strategy, Ara: History Untold will become a step-by-step major strategy.

If those who watched the announcing trailer of Ara: History Untold confused it with the announcement of the new game Civilization, they were not alone. In the cinematic trailer of Ara: History Untold, the narrator tells about interesting historical figures, places and moments. Only these glimpses were not quite accurate. For example, the Great Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx were shown in the snow along the river, and the famous Benjamin Franklin kite launch was shown over Stonehenge.

It is clear that Ara: History Untold will not respect history in the same way as Age of Empires and Civilization. Instead, it will allow players to create their own story by creating their own version of the past. This is a tempting concept of a turn-based global strategy, although it is difficult to make any assumptions without gameplay.

At the moment, little has been confirmed for Ara: History Untold. At the moment, the name is confirmed only for PC, although it will be available both in the Xbox store for PC and on Steam. It is also confirmed that this will be the first day release on PC Game Pass, of course, although its release date is unclear. Expect more information in the coming months.

Ara: History Untold is in development for PC.