The Strangest Story of Simone Ashley’s Sex Scene Preparation from “Bridgerton” about a Completely Different Netflix Show


By now, it’s well known to everyone that even though the second season of “Bridgerton” was a much slower affair than the release of a Regency-era freshman novel (with all those sexy sex scenes), Bridgerton still knows how to handle it when the time is right. Right. Given that the second season was focused on Anthony and Kate, this means that Simone Ashley, a newcomer to the cast of the second season of Bridgerton, played a big role in these sexy times on screen, but she just revealed that her strangest story of preparing for a sex scene actually involves another a Netflix series. : Sex education.

What did Simone Ashley from Bridgerton say about preparing for sex scenes on the topic of sex education?

For those of you who don’t know yet, Simone Ashley was already known to many Netflix viewers before she landed the role of South Asian Kate Sharma in the Bridgerton series because of her three seasons in the teen drama Sex Education. As you can understand from the title of this series, the novels and sex lives of the characters make up a large part of the story, which means that Ashley had a lot of scenes of a sexual nature when she played the evil girl Olivia.

And, as she recently told The Envelope podcast, the way the sex education actors prepared for these scenes was a little weird. They held a “sexual intimacy workshop” so that the young actors would have a “safe, intimate space” to talk about sex and what to expect while filming sex scenes, which actually sounds great, but then Ashley said:

And we explored the movement of different animals to portray different tempos, different sexuality, or how sensual something can be. For example, we look at how snails mate, and when they mate, they produce plasma that intertwines. So if it was a really sensual, slow scene, we’d think, “Oh, it’s like a snail.” And it’s super like plasma falling like honey. So we were doing this about how dogs or chimpanzees mate. It’s very dynamic and in a different style. So, we are going to make such a scene very funny, bizarre and just stupid, and let’s think about this animal.

I admit, I had to read what Ashley said several times and think about it carefully to get rid of my immediate “OMG, what?!” feelings about how she and her partners in the film “Sex Education” were preparing for their sex scenes. As strange as it may sound (similar to how silly some of Bridgerton’s sexual moments were filmed), however, there really is common sense in this. Obviously, no person will have sex the same way as any other person, or have sex the same way all the time, regardless of whether with the same partner or not.

And it just won’t enhance the performers’ sense of security/comfort, say, in preparation, watching other people have sex, even if it was simulated. So, to be honest, the only logical answer is to observe a variety of animals and insects (are snails insects? You know what, it doesn’t matter. I’ll Google it later). to the specific sex scene they were going to do.

Simone Ashley said that working on “Sex Education” was really a “great platform” for her work on “Bridgerton” and a career in general for figuring out how to simulate adulthood. Although she previously noted that sex in the two series is very different, Ashley also said that she felt “very comfortable, very confident and safe” filming sex scenes in both Netflix series, so all the preparation for watching snails clearly worked wonders. . Also, snails are animals, so earn one point for education today!