The Strangest Nintendo Switch Controller Only Works With One Game


One of the most interesting and unique Nintendo Switch controllers can only be used for one game. Densha de Go!, which translates as “Forward on the train!”, is a train driver simulator. The game is only available in Japan and therefore may not be known to viewers outside the country. In it, players control a train and follow routes based on real services in Japan. Last year, Zuiki released a product specifically designed for Densha de GO! on the Nintendo Switch. The controller has two knobs and several buttons from the real console. The left handle moves back and forth, which makes it easier for fans to stop or accelerate their train.

A series of games has existed since the mid-90s and began on an arcade machine. Thanks to its popularity, Densha de Go! It has been released on many Nintendo and Playstation products over the years. The last major version of the game was called Densha de Go! Final, and it could be played on PS2 and PC with a PSP port later. Since then, game developer Taito has released several additional products and was bought by Square Enix in 2010. For the 20th anniversary of Densha de Go! In 2017, a new slot machine was installed, which revived interest in the series.

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Nintendo Switch fans got the opportunity to play Densha de Go! Hashiro Yamanote-sen in March 2021. This version is based on a new arcade machine. In the same year, players received a specially made Zuiki controller as a gift, which further expanded the possibilities of the game. This is an officially licensed Densha de Go! The controller gives fans direct data input over their train. The left handle rises up for acceleration and retracts back for braking. Despite its apparent simplicity, the game is much more complicated than it seems.

A Nintendo Switch controller designed for Densha de Go!

Densha de Go players! have a lot of different tasks to keep in mind. They must comply with the speed limit, as well as arrive at each station at the exact time. Arriving at the station too early or too late will result in deduction of points. Controlling the speed of a train using an analog joystick can be difficult. This is especially hard for players struggling with the notorious Joy-Con drift on the Nintendo Switch. The Zuiki controller solves this problem with eight levels of braking power and emergency braking, which can be activated by pushing forward all the way. Combined with the three acceleration levels, users have much more control over their trains.

A wonderful contribution from Densha de Go! The controller for the Nintendo Switch changes the rules of the game. In addition to movement, the device makes it easier for players to focus on other aspects of the game, such as pressing buttons at the right moment. This simple yet enjoyable game design is what Densha de Go does! fun to play. Unfortunately, the Zuiki game and controller are exclusive to Japan and must be imported. This Nintendo Switch combo costs about $200 and is a cool investment, but it might be worth it for any diehard train simulator fans.


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