The story of Yaongyi, creator of the True Beauty webtoon


Learn about the success story of Yaongyi, the South Korean manhwa artist wrote and illustrated the True Beauty webtoon, find out more about her beginnings and her life here.

True Beauty was one of the most anticipated dramas of 2020, since the story was to the adaptation of the webtoon with the same name, the famous story was translated into different languages. But who is the mastermind behind True Beauty?

Kim Nayoung was born on April 24, 1991 in South Korea, from a very young age she began to draw and be attracted to art, years later she began her work as a manhwa artist and ventured into the world of modeling.

The influencer wrote some little known stories, until in April 2018 she launched True Beauty, it quickly became one of the most viewed on the LINE portal’s Webtoon application.


Yaongyi revealed her face the same year that she released True Beauty, netizens immediately fell in love with her beauty and sympathy with her, they even called her an angel, people commented that she herself was her inspiration to draw Im Joo Kyung.

Making a chapter for a webtoon is not easy at all, Yaongyi took more than four nights a week to deliver an episode of True Beauty, that’s why she was very proud when she was informed that her story would be adapted into a drama .

Yaongyi is a girl who likes fashion and makeup, her characters reflected a bit of her personality in her way of dressing, her attitudes and even in her make up, she is also a K-pop fan, she follows bands like BTS and SF9.

Kim Nayoung was once asked if she was team Han Seo Jun or team Lee la Ho and she replied that if she was Im Joo Kyung she would consider her first love as her most important. OMG!

Currently, Yaongyi girlfriend of Jeon Sunwook, a popular manhwa author who wrote and drew Loser Life, both shared moments with their social media followers, demonstrating her love and affection.


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