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Kylie Jenner is celebrating and celebrating her 23rd birthday full of love and luxury. The socialite rose to fame thanks to the reality show “Keeping up with The Kardashians”, where she shared her day-to-day with her sisters. Since then, the young millionaire wanted to make her own way and decided to become a businesswoman, managing to accumulate a great fortune at an early age.

Since the first hours of her birthday, Kylie has received various expressions of affection and congratulatory messages from her friends, sisters and her mother. The socialite, who resides in her new mansion in Los Angeles, has shared some stories of her birthday.

In the photos you can see a huge pink sign with the initials HBD Kylie placed in the courtyard of her mansion, she also shared the huge flower arrangements she received: a huge ball of sunflowers and a smiling flower made of flowers. LOL

On social networks, Kris Jenner shared photos of her childhood accompanied by an emotional message where she assures that Kylie is someone very considerate, creative, generous and intelligent, in addition to being grateful to be called her mother. Awwwww!

For their part, her sisters Khloé and Kendall shared photos when they were younger next to her. The first of them assured her that she is very lucky to have her, as she has inspired her with everything she has achieved and she became nostalgic when she realized that little Kylie is already a 23-year-old young woman. Snif

Kylie continues to share the congratulations she has received throughout the day, although the most important is missing: that of Stormi, the daughter she had with Travis Scott. Despite her youth, the youngest Kardashian managed to create her own makeup empire, earning millions of dollars.

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Her friend Hailey Bieber also showed her love on this very special day and if the celebrity’s fame wasn’t enough, Kylie also received a special gift from Mattel: her own personalized UNO set.


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