The Story of a 12 Year Old Boy Followed by Binance CEO


The cryptocurrency industry has managed to attract the attention of mainstream masses, especially with the recent rise of Bitcoin (BTC). Although it is known that new investors are entering the sector every day, this 12-year-old has definitely entered the investment world much faster than many people. Although the “young investor” in question is mostly interested in stock market investments, his reputation was definitely due to the cryptocurrency industry.

12 year old investor conquers the cryptocurrency industry

12-year-old investor Zach, who became famous as Young Investor 2 on Twitter, could be one of the people whose life changed overnight. The story of this willing boy started with a tweet he posted on the founder of Social Capital, Chaamth Palihapitiya, on November 18, 2020.

Zach, who has his own YouTube channel and constantly publishes videos with predictions for the stock markets, asked Palihapitiya to interview him.

Chamath offered an interview to Palihapitiya

Stating that he recently started buying OpenDoor shares, the 12-year-old investor states that he has a YouTube channel with approximately 140 subscribers. Zach, who invited Palihapitiya to discuss investment strategies, faced an unexpected reaction.

Chamath also vehemently denied the interview, after stressing that Zach was not legally authorized to invest in his response. But everything changed here, and even though Chamath later softened his statement and used the phrase “I’m sensitive to kids on social media,” things turned in favor of Young Investor 2.

The billionaire venture capitalist stated that if Zach received an email from his parents that he had permission, he could “do something” for YouTube. Crypto Twitter, on the other hand, was suddenly filled with the account of the enthusiastic investor in question, relevant comments and posts demanding everyone to follow it.

As of press hour, the subscribers of Zach’s YouTube channel have grown to over 1,610 and continue to rise. After Anthony Pompliano shared Zach’s profile, it can be seen that Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao followed him.

Couldn’t escape YouTube’s Bitcoin censorship

Having reached over 15,000 followers on Twitter and attracted the attention of the most famous names in the industry, Zach started a live broadcast minutes ago. Stating that he was talking about Bitcoin in the live broadcast, the young investor announced that he was one of the YouTube censors.

Zach, who received the support of the most famous people of the industry and interviews from many important investors in just 1 day, is now looking for an alternative to YouTube.


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