The Stephen King movie, scheduled for the end of this year, has just been postponed to 2023, but it makes sense


The horror genre has been experiencing an exciting revival for many years, to the delight of moviegoers. Some of the best horror films have returned to theaters as sequels, while we’ve also seen some relaunches of previous adaptations. An illustrative example: a couple of films about information technology by Andy Musketti. The trend for Stephen King films has not slowed down: Gary Doberman’s film “The Fate of Salem” was originally supposed to be released in theaters this September. Unfortunately, Stephen King’s film was postponed, but the reasoning is quite logical.

The new film “Salem’s Lot” was supposed to open the fall film season with an initial release date of September 9. But, according to a new Deadline report, the project was postponed until April 21, 2023. The reason given in the publication is that the delay related to COVID occurred at the post-production stage. Given that the film is supposed to bring vampires to life, this process is understandably important.

That’s not all…