The Steel Alchemist: what is alkagestria?


Alchemists in Fullmetal Alchemist use alchemy for military purposes. He has his own feeling and means of practice. However, Alchemy is not the only technique used in the anime. Across the desert in the eastern Sin country, their version of alchemy is known as alkagestria.

Rooted in connection with the energy of the Earth, alkahestrists use and practice this form differently than alchemists. Mei Chang is the only known practitioner of alcoholism in anime and Edward and Alphonse’s teacher in this subject. Alkagestria is also based on real Chinese philosophy, which makes this concept interesting to study. So what is alkagestria?

Sin: the birthplace of alkahestria

Alkagestria is called Eastern alchemy, practiced by the Sin people. In the manga, it is also referred to as Rentanjutsu. Lin Yao and Mei are members of the royal family of this country. Sin is located across the Great Desert from Amestris, the country of the main characters Ed and Al. Both Ling and Mei go to Amestris to do research on Western alchemy for their own reasons.

The Shin consists of more than fifty different clans, and the emperor rules the entire country. The daughter of each clan leader marries the emperor and gives birth to his children. The current emperor has twenty-four sons and nineteen daughters, making Ling the twelfth in the line of succession.

The form of the name of Alkakhetra

Alkagestria is mainly used in the medical practice of Ins. This is a glaring contrast to Amestris, where alchemy has been used mainly for war since King Bradley became Fuhrer. Where Amestris considers alchemy as a scientific practice, Sin considers alkahestria as a medicinal form.

May says that Alkagestria is “reading the Dragon’s Pulse”, which jokingly confuses Al. This means that it detects and uses the energy that flows in the earth. The earth is seen as having energy or qi flowing through it. It is this understanding that underlies Eastern alchemy. Qi transmission is what allows the practitioners of alkagestria to work.

Where alchemists use transmutation circles, alkagesters use purification circles. These circles allow Qi to flow and perform the desired effect. It even allows you to project transmutations over long distances, which is a unique feature of alkahestria.

Alkahestria has its limits. It has not been proven that Eastern alchemy grants immortality, unlike its Western counterpart; at least, that’s what May suggests. This fuels Ling’s research into alchemy as he searches for a way to achieve mortality for his father so that he enjoys the favor of the next emperor.

Alkagestria in Fullmetal Alchemist

In the 15th episode of The Steel Alchemist: Brotherhood, we meet May. She meets Scar for the first time after Yoki saved her when she was unconscious on the side of the road. May sees that the Scar is injured and offers to heal it. She draws a Circle of Purification with a star inside with chalk on the ground, her numerous kunai pierce every point of the star. Then the scar wound closes and heals quickly.

May notices that the intricate tattoo on Scar’s arm indicates Eastern alkahetria. The technique consists of understanding and using the “Dragon Veins”, the power that permeates the Earth. She notes that the tattoo draws power from the eastern alchemy of Sin. This adds up because the tattoo is a product of the Scar Brothers’ research in Western and Eastern alchemy.

Alkagestria played an important role in the final moments of the anime. Mei uses this practice to heal Risa Hawkeye instead of getting liquid Philosopher’s stone. The combination of Alchemy and Alkagestria also led to the defeat of the Father, since he could not control the Alkagestria. Alkagestria also helped Ed and Al a lot to get their bodies back.